Customer Reviews

  • Classic, even better

    by Faydit
    This was my first Bx purchase. Sounds very authentic, in some way I found it even more musically sounding than the original.
  • Oldschool

    by Demious
    I used to own the actual Boss OD-1, untill it was stolen from me and I missed it ever since. When I bought my first virtual amp here, I also bought a couple of distortion pedals and I love these plugins!
    The OD really delivers what Im used to from my old OD-1 and even though I use mostly high gain drives when recording, when Im playing for myself, this is my absolute favorit drive, on any of the virtual amps Ive got.
  • yellow diva!

    by KAEY
    Nice warmth and drive!
  • yellowdrive ROCKS

    by Wolfman
    Best boost period
  • Yellowdrive

    by Jean
    That's the sound I heard once and I was looking for. Thanks.
  • bx_yellowdrive

    by Haetni
    Yeah... It looks like my very first Overdrive Pedal back in the 80s.
    In my ears the best Overdrive pedal I ever had now back as a Plug-In.
    The only thing what is not emulated is the sound from the stomp box itself when you press the pedal to the metal! Maybe a feature in the future?
  • Glorious overdrive

    by Alisa Miller
    This pedal is an excellent emulation of its real-world counterpart. Developers nailed the sound of the original spot on, even the noise is there. Can't go wrong with this plugin, when the price is right. ;)
  • Yes

    by EA
    Love it
  • Bx Yellowdrive

    by Attacker
    Thanks for a very good plugin.
  • superb

    by sadriabi
    A perfect simulation of a classic pedal! Great!