Customer Reviews

  • yellow diva!

    by KAEY
    Nice warmth and drive!
  • yellowdrive ROCKS

    by Wolfman
    Best boost period
  • Yellowdrive

    by Jean
    That's the sound I heard once and I was looking for. Thanks.
  • bx_yellowdrive

    by Haetni
    Yeah... It looks like my very first Overdrive Pedal back in the 80s.
    In my ears the best Overdrive pedal I ever had now back as a Plug-In.
    The only thing what is not emulated is the sound from the stomp box itself when you press the pedal to the metal! Maybe a feature in the future?
  • Glorious overdrive

    by Alisa Miller
    This pedal is an excellent emulation of its real-world counterpart. Developers nailed the sound of the original spot on, even the noise is there. Can't go wrong with this plugin, when the price is right. ;)
  • Yes

    by EA
    Love it
  • Bx Yellowdrive

    by Attacker
    Thanks for a very good plugin.
  • superb

    by sadriabi
    A perfect simulation of a classic pedal! Great!
  • Excellent o'drive tones

    by Edward Selberie
    This is an excellent plugin and sounds beautiful and warm. When you hear the tones of this pedal in your mix, you can't distinguished if it the real boss pedal, or the emulation.
    I do have the real boss overdrive pedal (which I love), but for tracking o'drive guitars, I find myself using this pedal most of the times in stead of the real pedal in front of my fender amp.
    The only time I might not use this pedal, is when I use the overdrive tones of the ENGL E765 RT (also from plugin-alliance).
    Thanks brain-worx, excellent plugin! You did it once again!
  • Best drive

    by Xeal
    Compared to other plug-in pedals of this kind, bx_overdrives sounded in my ears authentic creamy. It fits into the mix very quickly without any additional actions. In addition, there are the musician-friendly offers, which makes it cheap for a moment, but very valuable. I use the stuff of PlugIn Alliance every day, these are really great tools. Many thanks to the team and the developers who offers here this high end level.