Customer Reviews

  • Well done!

    by C-bird
    Faithful and super-usable reproduction of a classic stomp, period.
  • Super Mello Yellow

    by MixedbyMe
    Versatile is the name of the game here, as with is physical counterpart this pedal does way more than you can imagine at first look.
    This is a pedal that earns its space on a crowded pedal board and as a result of the excellent plugin coding you deserve to make this part of your digital arsenal.
  • Overdrive at his best

    by Faland
    This is a very good plug. It remind me his hardware counterpart a lot.
    But this one is possibly even better than that.
    I never liked the Boss SD so much, not as much as I like the yellowdrive.
    It fits perfectly in my chain when I need a sparkly overdriven sound for my solos or strumming. Too expensive? Yes, but it covers all my need. And I got it on sale. :-)