Customer Reviews

  • VH4 Review

    by Pascal
    Excellent sounding and feeling plugin, with a lot of good options for fine tuning your tone. My only gripe is lack of the ability to run the software without a daw. A standalone feature would be very appreciated.
    Plugin Alliance response
    We offer Gig Performer now, which is even included in the MEGA Bundle. This is the best solution to play native amps live, as you can even combine the amps with native effects in real-time then.
  • Top notch!

    by Faydit
    For me one of - if not - the best, most authentically sounding and reacting amp simulation, I know.
    I only wished that Brainworx also offered an AC-30 NTB / TB and a JMP Super Lead / Bass simulation in this quality.
  • VH4

    by Starfucher
    I'm a guitarista from 25 years, I worked ad guitar tech for 10 years in a pro company and I tryed many real and virtual amplification system. VH4 in the best guitar amp emulator on the maket. For €149 you don't need nevermore a kemper or something like this even on stage. Great
  • Diezel VH4

    by EvgenZ
    One of the best amp sim on nowadays. Amazing sound...
  • You like to Shred ?

    by Audiomilitia
    One of the Best Amp sims i've heard out there , Finally a Guitar Amp that really does sound as good if not better than the real thing.
  • All the BW Quality

    by SignvmG
    Really dig what BW has done here. First BW plugin I used was the Diezel Herbert UA2 plugin which was definitely next-level. The new VH4 does not disappoint. I have the luxury of comparing this amp to the real thing and it is on the level a professional would expect. The fx rack comes with enough recording chain options to achieve virtually any sound one could achieve with miking up an actual cab. Have to say that this is an outstanding addition to my studio and allows me to maintain the same level of inspiration, creativity and capability of my home studio while traveling, even with just a laptop rig. An on-board reverb would make this an all-in-one solution to a lot of guitar players' needs, but by no means a deal breaker. Not an issues because I'm sure plenty of players have the reverbs they prefer in the strip or rack. Overall satisfied with the purchase and love the amp.
    Plugin Alliance response
  • One of the best

    by Blacksmith Studio
    I've tried it on a couple of different styles and it sounds amazing! It packs so much power that you can use in different applications with a feel of a real amp! PA (and Nembrini) had done it again!