Customer Reviews

  • My favourite metal amp

    by Carl
    As a metal recording artist and producer, I want that hi-gain sound that would be too much for any other genre. This plugin really delivers the goods. Incredibly heavy sound.
  • VH4

    by Cheesecutter
    Lots of good tones to be had across the four channels of this amp . You can cover a lot of ground with this sim.
  • Insane

    by Fabian
    Insane o_O
  • thumbs up from an anti-amp sim guy

    by Keating
    I have no clue if this sounds like an actual VH4, because I will probably never be able to afford one. But this amp sim is super sick. The thing can get comically heavy tones out of it.
  • Dynamic High gain amp

    by B. van kaa
    Like the Herbert, this VH4 it's great, but it's less compressed therefore more dynamic, and pronounced mids. Really nice. Compared to other emulations out there, this one shines in the dynamic range and the sound is great as well. On of the best options out there for a great price as well
  • This is it chief.

    by Christian
    Perfect. Literally nothing I could want to add to this plugin. The gold standard format for software amps IMO.
  • Really Great Plugin

    by Ofir Izhar
    Nails every tone! Mastodon, Tool, Metallica.
    Love it, this plugin will definitely will be absent in my nearest EP
  • Fucking Awesome

    This Plugin is excellent. It is versatile, A little complex to platy around with at first but once you get the hang of it it is just awesome. This is a beast of an amp. I always loved AlterBridge tones and had to get this. Jens Bogren's presets are the icing on the cake too. The clean tones are awesome , the crunch tone is amazing. This plugin has got you covered with like more than 20 Irs too. Thank you Plugin Alliance :D
  • Diezel VH4 Review

    by DjustLetItMetallize
    That's Amp is realy deserve your attention. We have a wide choice of real amplifre and their virtual copy, but! Diezel VH4 have a realy hard sound on high gain mode and specificly pleasant clean and this doesn't take up space on your room. You can choose one of 4 channels with other specific (clean, crunch, distortion and high gain) and choose one of 100 variations of Cabs and mics. Just take anything and try to find your own sound! That amp ia amazing!
  • Diezel VH4

    by Felipe
    Great sounding plugin (like its reallife counterpart) I love the Dynamics that allow you to make the insane Mr Hyde of Gain - CH4 - become sort of a more "mild mannered" Dr Jekyll and yield "on the verge" clean (or there about) tones. Great choice of tones on each channel (even with the controls at noon)
    The only thing it needs is getting the company of a virtual version of its limited edition Blueface brother. Can we hope for a Blueface version of the VH4 as well? That would be a very interesting plugin