Customer Reviews

  • I think I can get along with this one.

    by ITS
    PA amp sims are good but I'm picky. Each amp has its personality and oftentimes they are not my style. Wish we had more amps to choose.
    So far this one fits my style most. Very best of traditional rock things yet somewhat modern.
    This one is gonna be a vital part of my in-the-box rig.
    Thanks PA!!
  • Dirty Sexy Shirley

    by Pucks
    Best amp sim so far. Responsive, Fender-esque cleans and of course the legacy tones of Jim Marshall - it comes all together in the Friedman DS-40.
  • Friedman DS-40

    by Faland
    Incredible sound. No other words needed.
  • Dirty Shirley

    by corybtr
    The most realistic amp sim I've tried yet. Feels like the real thing, cleans up like the real thing...sounds glorious! Hats off to the devs on this one...You guys knocked it out of the park!!!
  • BRILL!

    by patrik jay
    as a Mega sub, I just love P.A. new plugin day's, it's the best! and being a guitarist/songwriter: new amp sims and FRIEDMAN amps none the less. What did I win the lottery:)...
    thanx P.A. from Hollywood, CA