Customer Reviews

  • Awww yeah!

    by Yeah_3D
    Awww yeah! That's all I'm gonna say. :)))
    (It has the sounds that I like. I have two other Brainworx amps, they are really good, but I always drop to this one for some reason.)
  • Train II

    by Fergus
    Absolutely incredible, the amp to end all amps. It progs, it funks, it even DOOMs. Jazz,metal, pop blues or music only dogs can hear this will slay all.
  • Unusual, but excellent

    by Faydit
    Interesting amp, which offers a lot of different sounds, if properly adjusted.
    The two gain stages sound different, so also different possible combinations do, but the real secret wepaon of this amp are the separately adjustable negative feedback controls for treble and bass range, Accent and Thrust.
    Negative Feedback affects a lot, how a real amp sounds, little or no negative feedback results in more gain but also more rawness, which - to some extent can sound pleasing but also can become too much, sound too distorted, much or too much negative feedback results in cleaner, more "polished" sounding tones, reduces gain. Simply said. But in reality this theme is even more complex.
    Having the additional option, to control NFB for high and low frequencies separately even more increases the sonic possibilities, nevertheless not every posssible setting automatically sounds right or great, also depending a lot on the gain and tone settings.
    But, if properly adjusted, this amp / plugin really sounds excellent, it can produce some beautiful more British rawness, dirtyness and directness as much as some more American sweetness and politeness and a lot in between. But also this description is very much simplified.
    It is of course no modern high-gain Metal amp, but it offers a lot of gain, if compared to authentic vintage amps, great for some "blended" tones, Fender with a touch of Vox, Marshall with a touch of Mesa Boogie, Hiwatt with a touch of Supro, these sorts of tones maybe, if necessary, in some sort of hot-rodded versions too, and this all in a single channel.
    Good dynamic reaction, of course also depending on the gain settings, good harmonics reproduction, also good cabinet/speaker selection, I personally like the Fuchs ET65 212 and the Friedman Creamback 112 a lot. Sound excellent here.
    By the way, what I really am misssing, concerning all the good sounding bx amp plugins is an additional, separate IR loader, which allows at least access to all up to now released, different bx cabinets, which are used in all other bx amp plugins. Maybe I am not alone with this wish.
    Perfect amp for tweakers, who look for their own, unique sound.
  • Super cool tone and vibe

    by Chick
    I tried this plugin and find it deliver variety of tone from SRV semi clean , Claption clean blues lead to modern rock unique lead tone, I bought it as New year gift for myself and will be one of my main ampsim arsenal, I compared this with OD , I actually like them both but this one tends to suit my playing style better with nice top end which also great for mixing. Highly recommended !! I actually broke a string from enjoyment on trial before buy last night, LOL
  • Underdog

    by B. van kaa
    Probably the most unknown amp, by most guitar players. At least this this was the case for me. Many high gain amps vary in subtle details while the cab and the mic placement make more drastic difference in tone, although not this one.
    It's not just another High gain amp, it will do everything in between metal and blues. It's completely unique in it's own. And varies a lot to the standards Marshall's, Mesa's and Engl amps.
  • favorite

    by Balazs Lorincz
    My favorite guitar plugin...
  • Fuchs Train II

    by Bradley Coomes
    It seems like I’m forever searching for a nice sounding amp sim that can do convincing clean and mid gain tones. Well I think my search is over. This sim simply sounds great.
  • Top !

    by Bruno Zucchetti
    Top as every product of PluginAlliance !
    I use it by HDX Dsp and I've subscrived for Mega Bundle Yearly ,as a Top Recording Studio in a pocket ...
    i will buy everything waiting the right promotions !
    Bruno Zucchetti Italy
  • nicely done sim

    by JB
    i got it as i have a slew of other sims (as well as a handful of nice newer and older tube amps),really was just curious and couldn't bring myself to get another fender,marshall or vox ... had played thru a few fuchs combos a while back & don't really remember too much but this sounds and feels very good.
    - i wouldn't get this or the ODS if they were my only sims, these are imo more for those who are pretty familiar with the 'classics' and want another flavor, maybe? it is a more sort of complex sound,a pretty cool one but not the one i would choose for the everyday stuff.
  • Fuchs Train II

    by Ahrayeph
    This amp sim, along with the Megasingle - and the BE-100 for leads, has rapidly become my go to favourite. It's got the right amount of depth and punch I look for in an overdriven amp, as well as some nice bite. I fell in love with it as soon as I tried it out.
    This may not look like a very versatile amp from the outset, but it serves up a lot of variety. And like all the other PA amp sims I own, they really do sound like real amps. I can't explain, but they do seem to have depth that other amp sims I own don't have, and it's not because some clever EQ'ing. It's like you can hear the cabs move air and its response to playing dynamics is observably better than a lot of computer based amp sims.
    While I never owned the real life thing, I think this sim is an amazing sounding piece of software. I love it.