Customer Reviews

  • Amazing!

    by Great!
  • GK 800 rb

    by Bradley Coomes
    I had a GK 800 rb back in the day and this is an extremely close replication. I do a lot of home recording and micing up cabs is not ideal so a great sounding sim like this is so useful. It even sounds better than running direct out of my current combo amp.
  • Superb, Versatile Sound

    by Squish
    This models strength is it's versatility, the built in biamping makes dialling a huge range of tones extremely easy. I also like how it sounds when you crank up the input gain, you can get some great drive out of it.
    The built in IR's are excellent, if Brainworx started selling IR files on their own I would buy them.
  • Exceptional recreation of a truly important amp!

    by Andrew T. Walls
    The sound is very much the real thing, and I love how the biamping works with the Brainworx IRs. I would say I hear more depth and realism here than with the other GK plugins I've tried.
    There are bass amps out there that do tight and snappy well and others that do thick and muscular well, but GK amps have always been an excellent choice for bridging those tonal worlds. This is why the 800RB is perfectly at home in so many genres of music!
    It'll do wonders on much more than bass guitar, but sitting and playing through this with my bass is what made me fall in love. If there's one thing I'm missing here, it's some GK cabs with 12" speakers. Maybe an idea for an update?
  • In love

    by Naji
    It took me less than 2 minutes to fall in love with this plugin. Great tweaking options to make a bass cut through the mix.
  • WTF

    by Mario Blankenberg
    the tone of this amp is just invincible ! by the way I just reamped some dance piano... holy sh*t !
  • Clean and Simple!

    by Audio Militia
    Was pleasantly surprised with this monster! It has some fantastic emulation and the voice filters make it easy to get a good tone going quickly. Nice and clean low end that i find myself using on more than just a bass guitar. Great addition to the bass arsenal!
  • Tones for days

    by Michael
    What I really like about this is the breadth of different tones you can get out of it. And it's a wonderful sounding alternative to the Ampeg amps already in the bundle. Oh, and I know it's cliche advice these days, but this is also really great on other things aside from bass.
  • Absolute beast

    by Tristan
    Even though on paper this isn't a bass-amp I'd think of having in my studio, this is a ridiculous tone machine of a plugin. Even sounds wicked on electric guitar. Very weighty great tones that sit in the mix. Y'all knocked this one out!!
  • Real Deal! GK 800RB

    by Eddie Torres
    I owned one of these in my younger days and PA got it right!! So glad to have this as a plugin for my bass sessions!! Yes!!