Customer Reviews

  • Awesome!

    by lurojas
    I grew up with bass players that used the 800RB, so I know that sound really well; and I love it. This has become my go to bass plugin for re-amping bass tracks. Just inserting the plugin gives me instant tone! PA and Brainworx hit another one out of the park!!!
  • GK 800RB

    by Rick Veneer
    I am hugely impressed with this new bass amp emulation. The first time I tried it on a track I was impressed. Without fiddling with any controls and using only the default preset it sounds brilliant. It's solid and detailed and has instantly become my favourite bass amp sim. There are some great models available, including the excellent Ampeg collection, but for me this one takes the cake. It has the sound I have always been looking for. Seriously. Your plugins just get better and better and I thank you.