Customer Reviews

  • My Go-to Tape Plug!

    by Chuck
    Just a fantastic sounding tape plug-in. I own several, but this is the one I always turn to.
  • Very special.

    by Ed Brandon
    I LOVE the ability to see what this is doing to the dynamics with the gain reduction metering - something I had always wanted in the other tape plugins I used to use. This sounds very special indeed. It's always on my master bus with modest settings, and always on my lead vocal with pretty exaggerated settings. I really love this.
  • Pleasantly Suprised

    by FiveHyts
    I don't write many reviews but this tape plug-in is the clearest tape emulation I have heard. I use a tape plugin when mastering and I have always used UAD Ampex ATR-102 because I don't like a tape plugin with a lot of color. When not using the UAD, I'll reach for the Slate VTM, Kramer or J37 from Waves or Softube Tape, but this plugin rocks. I have found myself replacing the UAD in most of the songs on this recent mastering project with Tape Face. Surprisingly good and all I did was use the Master Glue preset. I like it.
  • Tape with boldness

    by MiamiDude
    This tape plugin is one of the best I have used. It won’t alter the stereo image, like some other tape plugins do. It keeps the stereo image in tact. Put this on kicks, bass and whatever else! Bring life to sounds! In mastering it goes as the first plugin on the chain, to bring definition, weight, 1-2 db gain reduction on the meter. Amazing!!
  • Excellent Plugin

    by AORUA
    Testing thru my active ATC's quickly, on what I consider to be an almost perfect mixdown and master. The mix amount function works brilliant, unlike other Tape plugins. Tape Face seems to have much more control over everything. Allowing you to go from very subtle to very extreme settings. Sonically it is excellent! I can finally control and add only what is needed without the extra over bearing hype.
  • Pure magic on vocals

    by Thetamusic
    I briefly tested Kiive Audio Tape Face on my vocal chain after release, but didn't feel like it made my sound that much better. Thanks to my MEGA bundle, I have unlimited access to the plugin and luckily I tested it again a few days ago and took a closer look at the various settings. I placed the plugin in front of my UAD Teletronix compressor in mode II and it was pure magic! Tape Face has an incredibly smooth saturation in Mode II. I didn't think I could improve my vocal chain any further, but I did with this amazing plugin.
    What also impressed me is the extremely low latency: Without oversampling, it has no latency at all and only requires 1 percent of processor power on my system. Even if you activate oversampling, the latency and the processor load remain very low. This makes the plugin perfect for live performances. The Tape Face has a permanent place in my vocal chain from now on.
  • Tapeface

    by Paulkit
    nice plugin, easy to set up but sounds good, clean.
  • Amazing Tape Machine

    by Daniel
    In the Mix Bus, it can keep or open up your mix a little more, not only it glues the mix nicely, it makes it tight, it has that nice tape bump in the low-end, the saturation sounds really nice and it's realy easy to set up (took me like 2 minutes to get what I was looking for). The fact that it has 3 different tapes makes it very versatile for use in different tracks. The Input past around +5 squashes things up, for those drum room or parallel compression tracks. The Bias gives it a different character and the Stereo Width is a very welcome feature. Overall, I really like it a lot. In my opinion one of the best tape machines out there.
  • A Rich TAPEstry of Sounds

    by Lucas
    I purchased this from Kiive Audio some while back, but bought it again to show support, which seemed appropriate since it's littered all throughout my mixes.
    I've had it long enough now that it's become a part of my Holy Trilogy of Tape emulations—which is saying something considering how many I've demoed over the years—alongside NEOLD's Warble, and Fuse Audio Labs' Flywheel (shout to the brilliant Reimund Dratwa.)
    So as not make an arms-length grocery list of nifty features, I'll just say that, maybe the most impressive aspect of Tape Face is its versatility, easily capable of delivering everything from nuanced, utilitarian compression to heavier, creative smooshing and fatter-ening (... which is a real word because I say it is,) all underneath an intuitive interface.
    Seriously, what's not to love?
    Easy Five Stars * * * * *
    (And, apologies to all for the terrible title of this review... once typed, I had to run with it. XD )