Customer Reviews

  • 254E

    by Lucas
  • Brilliant but buggy

    by PMstudio
    Great sound but very buggy when oversampling is enabled - makes very loud high pitched noises (careful not to blow your tweeters -or even worse, your eardrums), sometimes mutes one channel (sometimes both) and you have to restart the session. Tested on Windows and Mac (it's worse on Mac). PA please resolve this in an update. The fifth star can only be awarded then.
  • Round Warm thing

    by Eve Ripper
    I thought to try it as a limiter with a mix bus, but it shapes all other instruments so warmly that I forgot about it as a mix bus thing. I’ve tried it with spikey instruments and this thing gives it a warm glue.
  • Great plugin!!!

    by Withajay
    This is still one of my favourite compressor/limiters! One of Plugin-Alliance's best pieces!
  • Lindell NEVE 2254E

    by Licorne Rouge
    Ooofff ! I'm like Marty in back to the future : blown away and stuck in my chair !!! This thing rocks !!!!!
    Definitely a must have for specific applications like Drum Bus or Guitar Bus !
    Just got it and already in love with the sound and behaviour !
    deserves the 5 stars
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thanks a lot, Marty ;)
  • Game changer!!

    by Joe
    I wasn’t sure what to expect when I got this plugin other than it sounded okay in the clips, but the top producers love it so there must be something there. This is an amazing plugin, game changer in recording!! I have it on each bus and the master...WOW!!!
  • geat

    by googoori
    very good~~!!
  • Stellar

    by Midnight Son
    Like most of us I have many compressor options. With that said I keep coming back to the 254E. I just really like the way it adds just the right amount of color to the songs. I really appreciate the oversampling options as well. The compression is smooth and even when pushed I don't find it harsh. I can't imagine getting tired of this anytime soon. It just sounds good every time.
  • Lindell 254E

    by MarcusMack
    BLIMEY!! A superb Rupert class-A emulation! Pushing the compressor's input really hard (with oversampling well up) is where the magic is, yielding bags and bags of very sassy and classy electronic character. One niggle: it's missing an input gain control; typically I'm having to insert a gain control plugin ahead of each instance of the 254E. But I don't mind, I love this thing so much. A thousand thanks and my best regards to Tobias and Emmanuel.
  • good-vibe

    by Nick F
    I've used many 'vibey' compressors but I didn't like the character they added. This one is a versatile compressor AND it adds only good things. I've used this comp in a LOT of genres. When an instrument needs to stand out this is usually ON.