Customer Reviews

  • Stellar

    by Midnight Son
    Like most of us I have many compressor options. With that said I keep coming back to the 254E. I just really like the way it adds just the right amount of color to the songs. I really appreciate the oversampling options as well. The compression is smooth and even when pushed I don't find it harsh. I can't imagine getting tired of this anytime soon. It just sounds good every time.
  • Lindell 254E

    by MarcusMack
    BLIMEY!! A superb Rupert class-A emulation! Pushing the compressor's input really hard (with oversampling well up) is where the magic is, yielding bags and bags of very sassy and classy electronic character. One niggle: it's missing an input gain control; typically I'm having to insert a gain control plugin ahead of each instance of the 254E. But I don't mind, I love this thing so much. A thousand thanks and my best regards to Tobias and Emmanuel.
  • good-vibe

    by Nick F
    I've used many 'vibey' compressors but I didn't like the character they added. This one is a versatile compressor AND it adds only good things. I've used this comp in a LOT of genres. When an instrument needs to stand out this is usually ON.
  • Vintage

    by Mitsu
    Nice Vintage sound!!!
  • Love this...

    by Martin K.
    I really love this plugin! It makes the most of my tracks better, it works smooth and very musical. It can't help if you need 100% Compression on a track - but everything in between sounds amazing an natural. Give them a try....
  • Awesome sound

    by Umbral Studio
    this thing gives you the famous Bonham sound on the kick, almost instantly, but it works really well with any track, really nice compressor that gives that warm saturated sound. also, the release settings are so musical
  • Lindell 254E

    by slotty
    It`s really amazing , how well the Lindell 254E works on a drum buss. Great coloring dynamics.
  • Compressive

    by J
    This sounds nice just as a vintage character plugin, even without using compression, the compression is a nice bonus
  • DOPE!

    by PeteMarriott
  • This thing is badass.

    by plugin-user
    This thing just kills on a drum bus, vocals or bass, if you like a pleasingly colorful (non-transparent) sound. Not boring. One of the best software compressors I've ever used.