When NEVE® first released their iconic 2254E™ Limiter, it was intended for the broadcast market. While it did become a fixture in broadcast production facilities around the world, it was when the Rock'n’Roll producers got ahold of it that it became legendary.

It was designed to place a ceiling on levels used in broadcast, but producers and engineers discovered that if you hit it really hard, the internal compression and limiter circuits produced a warm punchy sound that pumped up Tracks and Master Busses in a most pleasing manner.

A great example of how sometimes using a tool for something other than its intended purpose can produce great results. The Lindell 254E plugin captures the magic of this legendary compressor & limiter.

In addition, the plugin includes useful additional features like a wet/dry mix and selectable slow or fast attack times. If you’re looking to turn a meek drum buss into bombs from Bonham, the 254E might be just the ticket.

The Lindell 254E plugin gives you the tone of this classic compressor & limiter. One of the most colorful limiters ever released, it was born for radio but had rock in its soul.

Legal Disclaimer: NEVE® and 2254E are registered trademarks of AMS/Neve Inc. The Lindell 254E was developed by Lindell Audio based on its own modeling techniques. AMS/Neve has not endorsed nor sponsored the 254E in any manner, nor licensed any intellectual property for use in this product.


  • Limiting and/or Compression via separate circuits
  • Faithful emulation of the NEVE® 2254E compressor/limiter
  • Useful additional features like wet/dry mix and selectable slow or fast attack times
  • Stellar vintage tone & Instant Rock'n’Roll
  • Fantastic on the Master and the Drum Buss
  • One of the most tone-laden compressors of all time

Audio Examples

Industry Reviews

  • Dylan “3-D” Dresdow

    Dylan “3-D” Dresdow

    Black Eyed Peas, Rihanna, Usher, David Guetta, FloRida

    From the twacky knock of the compressor, to the schweet top end on the eq, you’ll be hard pressed to find tools in this price range that will expand your toolbox as much as these… Read More

  • Soundprank/Colin E. Fisher

    Soundprank/Colin E. Fisher

    Anjunabeats, Armada, Enhanced Music

    This little box delivers mojo and that signature "console compression tone" in spades. It get's you the sound without all the fuss. It works fantastic as a dynamics shaping tool because of… Read More

Customer Reviews

  • Great plugin!!!

    by Withajay
    This is still one of my favourite compressor/limiters! One of Plugin-Alliance's best pieces!
  • Lindell NEVE 2254E

    by Licorne Rouge
    Ooofff ! I'm like Marty in back to the future : blown away and stuck in my chair !!! This thing rocks !!!!!
    Definitely a must have for specific applications like Drum Bus or Guitar Bus !Read More
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thanks a lot, Marty ;)
  • Game changer!!

    by Joe
    I wasn’t sure what to expect when I got this plugin other than it sounded okay in the clips, but the top producers love it so there must be something there. This is an amazing plugin, game changer… Read More
  • geat

    by googoori
    very good~~!!
  • Stellar

    by Midnight Son
    Like most of us I have many compressor options. With that said I keep coming back to the 254E. I just really like the way it adds just the right amount of color to the songs. I really appreciate the… Read More


Supported Plugin Formats
AAX Native, AU, VST2, VST3

Supported Operating Systems
macOS 10.9 through 11
Windows 7 through 10

Intel CPU only (minimum 2 GHz recommended)

x64-compatible CPU

System Requirements
Display resolution: 1440 × 900px or 1280 × 960px or higher
Memory: 2 GB RAM


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Lindell 254E - Changelog

Version 1.2 (Jan 18, 2016)
- Added toolbar
- Added A/B presets
- Added calibration level setup
- Added oversampling setup
- Added external sidechain support

Version 1.1 (Oct 26, 2015)
- Fixed behavior upon sample rate change
- Fixed RTAS compatibility issues on Windows
- Improved ICON mapping

Version 1.0 (Sep 1, 2015)
- Release version