Customer Reviews

  • Bang for the buck

    by Gerard
    I'll be honest, I only bought this one because is cheap... what a great surprise!! This plugin is amazing, I find myself using it a lot. I'll copy this review to both brothers (pre, eq and comp are fantastic).
  • 6x-500

    by mage
    nicely to agressive track
  • Plenty of color and flavour

    by Adrian S
    It provides with a beautiful transformer coloration, which you have to be careful with, because it is a bit addictive and perhaps it is not what your track demands... The EQ is also great when polishing your audio sources at your edition stage. It is a great preamp that you will probably use more often than any.

    Can't say enough good things about this plugin. Lindell Audio did it again! As soon as u insert in your channel the harmonics just pop out and sound amazing.
  • 混音

    by 王新
  • I love this plugin!

    by Me
    Since the majority of my sounds are samples sourced from vinyl, this plugin is first in my chain for the filters alone to help eliminate or reduce any unwanted highs and lows. The variable slopes are a huge bonus for achieving the perfect cut and is also great when splitting your audio for treating your highs and lows independently. Driving the inputs really brings the signal forward making it more aggressive in a really pleasing way. The high and low EQs are great too, but a couple extra frequency bands would make this plugin legendary in my books.
    A great buy regardless. Just grab it. You will not regret it!
  • A must-have

    by Stereotactic
    A must-have for digital synths, plenty of colors depending on how hard you hit the input/out and with a beautiful sounding EQ.
  • Powerfull

    by XDØSE
    Me encanta los filtros HP LP muy suaves ,genial para dar caña en algún rango de frecuencias, aunque esto también puede ser peligroso.
  • Guitare

    by guy REMY
    Très bien pour les guitares
  • 6X-500

    by BaDbOb
    This plugin is great! Very musical and easy to use.