Customer Reviews

  • Beautiful analogue warmth, but needs A/B and Bypass

    by Industrial Strength Disco
    The only thing missing on this plugin is the A/B functionality, and Bypass switch, that is present in many of Plugin Alliance's units. If it had those two essential functions, I would give this 5-stars. Why? Because it is one of those rare plugins that instantly provides *fine-tuned* analogue warmth — you don't even need to touch a dial to get that here. But if you do, you'll experience sweet, smooth EQ and filter curves. I love the fact that the filters are so versatile, and that the high and low (boost only) EQs not only sound great, but keep me "in the zone" with their minimal (but well-chosen) frequency options. Oh, and did I mention how nicely this thing breaks up when you drive it hard? Thank you PA for such an incredible deal on this plugin.

    by Woodboy
    Beautiful FILTERS in this unit.
    sweep, sweep sweep...
    Great Job BX
  • Me encanta el color de este preamp!

    by JuanM
    Dulce, cremoso y sirve bien para realzar el sonido del micro con el que se graba. Probé este preamp en una pista de arpa llanera y ayuda mucho a realzar de forma bonita el brillo de los agudos. Pueden comprar este preamp con los ojos cerrados, no se arrepentiran!
  • 6X-500

    by Fergus
    Kick drum gold
  • Que maravilla

    by Gabriel
    Indispensable al principio de cada cadena
  • probar

    by sant
  • This is it

    by Ettienne Lane
    I always thought preamp emulations should sound like this. The 6X-500 makes any source sound better. Driving the preamp 'makes it sing' in a lovely way. Considering the flexible filters and Pultec style EQ, this plugin might be all you need on some tracks.
  • Loving It

    by Burn1Down
    Love this EQ for what it is and what it is is simple. It only has two bands and for situations where two bands is enough this is my go to. The high and low pass filters are nice and add to the usefulness of this simple EQ. The interface design and controls are nice and simple and straightforward as can be.
  • really cool plugin

    by Sunderain
    finally i got this plugin :)
  • Beautiful preamp

    by Tryggvasson
    Clean, smooth, rounding, with a lot of sheen. Instant excitement.