Customer Reviews

  • 6X-500

    by GV
    Definitely adds analog warmth when pushed. And the EQ is very musical. Good for very digitally recorded tracks (recorded straight into a DAW with no analog gear other than a mic).
  • strip and amp in one

    by Mixthatrecord
    I cannot but stand in awe. Used to have a stock pre-amp - now I know why I won't need it anymore. This pre-amp will put those vocals right in place: both in volume, frequencies and color. Uncoupling volume and gain will add sweetness or drive, just what you like. Guess there will be great use on instruments, too. Switch 'analog' off when you have saturation/distortion plugins running
  • Lindell Preamp

    by JH Studio
    I like all of the Lindell plugins but because there are so few preamp choices from other developers, the 6X-500 is a unique gem. It has just what you need coming in on a channel and can replace channel strips on many instruments. Very powerful yet sublte and warm.
  • Lindell 6X-500

    by tomb
    Very useful, chunky sounding plugin. Plenty of fat sounding gain and the eq is very smooth and handy. Nice little edge when driven hard. This plug in gets used in a lot of different situations, works well and you can't ask for more than that. A very handy plug.
  • Very unique clipping

    by Alex Hepting
    I was looking out for THAT sound over 10 years specially for the 303ish attack sounds the analog clipping mode will turn a boring bass line into a colored lead. Where a simple saturation wasn't enough if you need some aggressive rock lead sound and smoothness at the same time. The few knobs are fairly enough and the interface is really intuitive for a live setup.
  • Nice little thing

    by sleen
    Nice little Preamp Emu with really nice saturation. The gain compensation is such a simple idea yet so useful!
    The lows section of the EQ is the weak part of the 6X-500 as they sound pretty boxy. 30Hz don't sound like 30Hz to me. Nevertheless, it can be useful even on a kick drum if you add a "real" EQ to the chain. The Highs are ok I think, but I prefer a Maag for that.
    All in all a nice addition to the tool box, especially if you get on a deal.
  • Day One & Using It

    by Prophessor
    On day one of purchasing this plugin I went to using it and loved the result. It's simple but very effective. It's worth every penny. I liked this plugin so much that I returned and purchased all of the Lindell 500 bundle. I can't wait to start using the plugins.
    Plugin Alliance plugins are my go to plugins. I have purchased a great deal of their plugins and I'm very happy with my purchase. I also appreciate the fact that they allowed me to repurchase the UAD Plugins I own (Plugin Alliance plugins) at a very steep discount. Thank you.
  • Great for setting up sounds

    by Constantin
    I love the filters and the subtle harmonic distortion on this.
    Have it on every project to clean up tracks with it's amazingly flexible hi-pass filtering.
  • Lindell Pre Amp

    by Makka
    fantastic Pre Amp ! Very versatile . Masterbus or tracks. This is a brilliant product . Harmonics are spot on. Very Musical when pushed unlike alot of other pre amps on the market .Cant recomend highly enough !!! Ace
  • lindell gx 500

    by studiocorbiere
    bon plug de simulation preampli, une belle couleur analog, simple mais efficace . en complètement du compresseur de la même marque.