Customer Reviews

  • The Layer Maker

    by ToBeHuman
    I must say this thing is a beast. One of the best musical filters I've heard. Breaths life into boring instruments that are lacking. Using the Lo-Rider function adds solidity. Tried other popular filters to do the same function but all seemed "loose" compared to this.
  • LTL Chop Shop

    by jtp
    Love to use the low rider feature for shaping the low end of my drum bus! I need to explore a bit more.
  • mighty lil eq

    by odod
    this might be small .. but, alas .. it can do something big for you !
  • Surprised how useful this is...

    by m2
    Chop Shop is one of those plugins that would have definitely slipped under my radar if I hadn't gone the Mega-Bundle route. But now that I've tried it, I love how quickly it can bring tracks into line with it's extremely musical high and low pass filters, combined with a lovely sounding tilt EQ. After I set levels and pan during my 'dry mix', Chop Shop is a wonderful first plugin for most tracks to clean up the low and high ends while making necessary broad brush changes. Neat little tool!
  • Magic white box

    by Alex Hepting
    Cries for automation and live use. I guess that's why any LFOs. The main issue about all that diffrent designs you need more time to appreciate it and get used to it. You probably will even have control over it if you're are drunk. [ Any alcohol or drugs adviced or intended here... but from the perspective of usability it has already won one star!]
    If you listen to the high pass it can make that pool party live up and doesn't just cut or shave things completly off which means there is a gentle curve /slope. And which means it is perceived more natural and analog. If that sounds analog or not I do not care.
    Kind of reminds me of a djing setup but better anyway as a DJ filter. Somehow overpriced for that kind of "stomp box" effect.
    Often people just write about things they experienced and interact with the most of the time. This is prepared for moments where you only need that and less is more. It has some good qualities to it, times it is has a very simple slope. Only three stars unfortunatly because there is any automation, or modulation section or any of that crazy going overboard section. However two more stars for the with love tailored preset manager and presets.
  • love it

    by Michal Kowalski
    I was intrigued when I saw it, and I got even more intrigued when I saw how simple of a tool it is. How it can be useful, every other plugin does that right? Was I wrong. I demoed it, and soon it was all over my channels. It made me think because of lo rider how a kick that's upfront is important for the whole mix to sound good. And also lo rider on the drum buss or kick.. wow. I don't see recreating that with other plugin, at least not that easily!. Whenever I put it on the channel roll of some lows, some high and focus if need, it's instantly better. With every channel that I start to mix I'm rushing to check what chop shop will do to it, if I can make stuff better. And it's so easy to use and pleasant on the eyes that it just boosts the creativity for sculpting. I was neglecting hipassing and lopassing, now I see how filters were the important part in consoles on every channel. Pushing things back with lopass, clearing things with hipass. Getting rid of subsonic garbage that you don't even hear... but you still feel! And realeasing the energy because of that. Pushing mids upfront it's all there. Love it!.
  • Useful AF!

    by cabanasbeats
    Perfect Tilt Filter / EQ for shaping sounds on any part of the mix & it looks cool as hell!
  • Hidden gem

    by Protoculture
    I must admit, I wasn't super excited when I first demo'd this, but I've got to say, there's something pretty magical about the tone on offer here. Simple layout and operation with some beautifully warm filters on hand.
  • Great Sounding EQ

    by Audiomilitia
    This EQ is very musical and responds well to a number of sources i threw at it , A lot of Character and Cheeky looks .
  • Precision!

    by Mchangani
    All my channels have this plugin, its tonal shaping abilities are unmatched, the focus/filters bass on the low rider! all of these are truly what enhancement of sound is made of! It elevated my mixes.
    I use this before or after my bx consoles. then buss groups into the iron! or Townhouse! great work!