Customer Reviews

  • Great Sounding EQ

    by Audiomilitia
    This EQ is very musical and responds well to a number of sources i threw at it , A lot of Character and Cheeky looks .
  • Precision!

    by Mchangani
    All my channels have this plugin, its tonal shaping abilities are unmatched, the focus/filters bass on the low rider! all of these are truly what enhancement of sound is made of! It elevated my mixes.
    I use this before or after my bx consoles. then buss groups into the iron! or Townhouse! great work!
  • Chop Shop

    by Eddie Torres
    Wow! Talk about having fun when creating music with this plugin. Sounds amazing and love the simplicity layout. Great plugin!
  • Simple and Beautiful

    by MixedbyMe
    All I can say about this plugin is that it gets the job done, and quickly without fuss, it is beautifully musical and leaves nothing but a smile all over my face every time I use it
  • Just like the hardware

    by Quiethouse Recording
    Modeled after one of my favorite 500 series modules, I often use this to improve tracks or groups to make everything "fit" in the mix. Filters are very smooth - you would have no problem with automating - no artifacts or zippering here. The real secret sauce is the Focus knob. Can be a subtle effect on bright or dark sources, even on the mixbus with certain material. I am really happy with this plugin.
  • Fun EQ!!

    by Tevo
    Simple, fun to use and sounds great! Tried it not thinking I'd keep it just because who needs another EQ. But as I started mixing I found myself calling this little guy up all the time because it gets you where you wanna go so fast. Cool plug!