Customer Reviews

  • reseña

    by vidal
  • Super AIR

    by KuroNekoYama
    I have no complaints about the sound.
    The only drawback is the lack of GUI magnification.
  • Good

    by studio349
    Super Good
  • EQ2

    by Nick_Kositsyn
    The Legend! I like how it's sound on the leads
  • Maag 2

    by Marce
    When I'm done with all the track processing but still lacks of that litlle extra bit, I use this beauty to finish the job. Don't be fooled by the lack of a thousand buttons, this plug is a game changer.
  • Music

    by DJMontini
    Simply fantastic
    Hell yes...
  • chill out

    by pillow_surfer
  • Instant Breath of AIR

    by bx_DESERVES_support
    What this EQ is achieving is EXACTLY what was lacking from my seesion vox tracks! First night I tried it, I thought "OK, this is too good to be true", so I referenced some mixes on a boombox, my car stereo etc. - nope it's ALL true... Pultec hardware was a bit before my time, but man! It must have been something SPECIAL indeed!
  • Very good product

    by Roger
    Very good product I use it for my voices
  • maag eq2

    by dario
    very good