Customer Reviews

  • Maag EQ2

    by Mr Funk
    The Airband alone is worth getting this plug-in for, I use it on a few sources in all my mixes. Grab it when on offer if you can and save some cash.
  • Fantastic!

    by Pierfrancesco
    I purchased this plugin out of curiosity and since I installed it I don't think I've ever closed a mix without at least one or two maag eq somewhere.
    Personally I recommend it to anyone, even to producers who are looking for a simple eq able to creatively overturn a sound.
  • maag eq2

    by Hflex
    very 'sweet' sounding eq, sub, lmf, hi shelf & air band works well on kicks/snares/cymbals/loops/kits, bass, ac/elec guitars, synths, vox, busses & master. like a good quality all in one shampoo and conditioner, it adds body and shine, so sweet in fact that i often stack 'em in twos!
  • AD

    by ANTO
  • Maag EQ2

    by Jonas Warnehed
    Highly impressive EQ plug-in.
  • snap and pop!

    by Mchangani
    Love this on all my mixes! Puts a perspective that u never had into the mix! try it!
  • Review

    by E.d.a.sonmisiglas
    Totally changed my mix , looking foward to buy the mic pre or the eq4
  • Smooth as silk

    by shaytron
    It's easy to overdo it with this EQ because it's so damn smooth, but once you learn it and use it judiciously, you can get incredible low-end weight without any muddiness, and beautiful top-end air and openness without any harshness. Never used the hardware, but the way it lets you add more of the good stuff without masking or changing the overall character of the sound is lovely and unique in the plugin world.
  • A sprinkle of pixie dust

    by moodZoo
    This is less of an EQ and more of a light-blue fairy, that sprinkles its magic on your mix, and makes everything feel a little sunnier.
  • EQ2

    by A.D. Wheelz
    My go to for punchy drums. A must have!