Customer Reviews

  • Maag eq 2

    by spiderman
    A fantastic eq. Thought I would need the eq4, but this ticks all the boxes and has plenty of frequency options. Also, you can always add another instance if you feel you need more options. Very musical, never sounds harsh. Really high quality.
  • EQ2 and EQ4

    by Jandrum
    I owned EQ4 for a couple of years already but was amazed about the different settings you can actually get into with the brother. It is totally worth every penny of it. If you love the EQ4 go an buy EQ2 and vise versa.
  • EQ2

    by Secret Motion
    Pairing the EQ2 and the EQ4 on drums is a match made in heaven. I can't say enough about the air band. On vocals it's otherworldly.
  • EQ2 - the wait is over

    by kppoykko
    This is the "little brother or sister" of the Maag EQ4. The EQ2 covers frequencies that compliment EQ4. It has great eq curves in the sub (20-80hz), low-mid and mid. You can boost or cut. This eq is a killer on it's own right. You don't need EQ4 to use it properly; it has the same famous AIR boost from 5kHz to 40kHz.
    I use it on individual tracks (vocal, kick, snare, quitars...) and sometimes on my buss. And I am not alone.
    It's great to have this plugin from Maag!
  • Magic eq!

    by mmusic
    Add only 2 or 3 dB with the Air band on a track or your mix, and you switch from shadow to light!
    Just magic!
  • Maag EQ2

    by tomb
    A good little eq, obviously not as flexible as it's big brother but has that Maag sound nonetheless. A nice option for buss processing, not so useful on a track , sounds clean and smooth on a buss and is a good alternative to a Pultec type eq. I'm glad it has a peak light, I wish that would show up on other eqs. Anyway, gotta love that air band,
  • EQ2

    by timirjan@yandex
    Clean, bright sound! Great plugin!
  • Maag EQ2

    For the "AIR" alone I purchased this EQ! And I know that it's advertised as a perfect compliment to the legendary EQ4 but, I don't own the EQ4...and I can tell you that even with only the EQ2 you will get great LMF frequency response and the magnificent "AIR" frequency that Maag Audio is known for. Used after any other surgical EQ on vocals will give them some "oomph" and "clarity"!
  • I'm spoiled, but this just didn't excite me

    by VonS
    I actually have several of the original hardware units from which this is modeled ... the REAL originals, the amazing NightPro's ! The "air-band" on the actual hardware is downright magical, on this plug-in, it's just another in-the-box EQ. Looks cute, though.
  • It delivers

    by Vibe X
    The audio clarity and versatility, across a wide range of musical styles gives feel and presence to any instrument from drums to vocals, Excellent.