Customer Reviews

  • Maag is real magic

    by MrB
    Great decision and top end great plugin the best what I have in my arsenal.Thank you Plugin Alliance Team for such a great peace of software, you are the best.
  • Great for Mastering

    by Medseb
    I really love how it sound on my master bus before compression. It adds subtle but totally noticeable body, deepness, shine and air on every mix i put it on.
  • Mt

    by UB
    I have been using it in the metallic perc subgroup (mainly ClosedHH, HH, Crash and Ride 808s and 909s style) lately in techno music, this plugin makes fly those frequencies , LOVELY!!! :) Works as well in atmospheric pads.
    Looking forward to add the EQ4 to the arsenal ;)
  • Maag EQ2

    by Igor
    Very good Plugin!... Thank You PA!...
  • veryy veryy good eq!!

    by zonik the flame
    insaneee eq modelll!!!!
  • Maag EQ2

    by Dave O'Higgins
    Works very sweetly when something needs either a little more oomph, champagne sheen on the top end, or a bit of both. Easy to use. Good go to when you need some additive EQ to add mojo.
  • EQ

    by Tommy Lee
    Sounds nice.
  • Maag

    by @Doctaj54
    The topend is as smooth as everyone talks about. Thank!!
  • Maag EQ 2 is a fabulous plugin.

    by Geraldo Estrela
    Maag EQ 2 is a fabulous plugin that every mixing technician needs to have it in their arsenal of plugins to make high-level audio mixing.
  • Maag EQ2

    by Andrey
    Perfect and simple to use it. That sounds great in Hip Hop