Customer Reviews

  • It does attack indeed!

    by Tony Konstantine
    I got Vac Attack half way mixing a blues album, i ended up replacing all my buss compressors with this one. Very nice presence for mids and highs, you can also push to bring your tracks upfront. It also adds great saturation, you have the option how subtle or 'edgy' it can be! It became one of my favourites!
  • Hidden Gem indeed

    by spiritvegetable
    Ok, this just replaced most of my bus compressor duties, bringing control, polish and girth. It has pretty much everything I'm looking for in a sculpting tool: grab (reduction/gain), behavior (knee), amount (mix), but then also I can boost the highs and lows (LF/HF push), and also have a sweet sidechain section where I can leave the highs or lows out (of compression) or back off a chosen mid frequency to let it pop through better. The oversampling feature also adds some subtle character options and should not be overlooked.
    Not only does it sound great right out of the box, but it's super easy to dial in. Honestly I want to slap this on everything now, my only hesitation is that it might make everything sound too polished/samy if it's on everything (it does have a sound). That's where self-restraint comes in ;). So far I've mostly auditioned it in a mastering session (it added the last bit of gel and separation that the mixes needed), and I also should note that it sounds extra viby/large with the Shadow Hills Master Compressor right after it in the mastering chain (I'm going for a very big/thick sound). It remains to be seen how much mileage I will get out of this thing, but overall I'm quite happy with what this is doing and the control options it provides.
    As always, try it out first before buying because it may not be to your taste or work with your material.
  • Vac Attack!

    by Mitt
    I have a subscription to PA and I've got a boatload of their products. If used correctly, they are all good for whatever purpose you might be using them for.
    This plugin is exceptional. I used it on an electronic track I was producing ( both on singular tracks and the mix buss ) and the mix turned out great. It allowed me to dial in the sounds that were not only relevant to each other, but added the extra harmonics to differentiate the tonality differences of each individual track part being relevant to the mix.
    The analog vibe and emulation of Vac Attack is probably the best I have encountered.
    Kudos man.....Highly recommended.....
  • Instant Favorite Limiter!!

    by Chuck
    This one is like no other I've used and is closest to analog that I've ever heard. The reaction to the controls is as smooth as the compression itself. It really feels and sounds like I'm running an analog unit. I've never heard a plug-in limiter quite like this one. It moved to center stage in my process chains on the very day I demoed it.
  • Fat Phat

    by Phat Monkey
    If you want to beef up your drums or bass then this will do it, turn the knobs gently, with great power comes great responsibility...
  • Dynamize with warmth...

    by Synthitize
    Dynamizes the sound (better than some compressors) and gives it “warmth”: Very good for finalizing a mastering!
    It mainly affects low frequencies... Thanks to it, the synths/basses have a bigger sound and better dynamics
  • Holy $#@!

    I am almost never impressed anymore but the latest and greatest EQ, compressor, what have you. I've got my favorites and nothing beats them... until possibly now. My initial tests, both listening and technical, suggest that this is one of the best plugin compressors ever made. I hope Plugin Alliance starts distributing more plugins from Mixland, who obviously know what they are doing.