Customer Reviews

  • Voice Enhancement

    by Monokhan Production's
    Greatness: We have enjoy the plugin, it had help us with getting richness from our vocals.
  • fonico steionberg

    by luca
  • Noveltech Vocal Enhancer

    by RORO
    The plugin Noveltech Vocal Enhancer brings with a few interventions an amazing result. Editing the vocals is fast and effective. What has to be done with two or more plugins, I'm doing now with one. (also applies to guitars)
  • Tune my vocal

    by bb music
    I attention my vocal quility.
  • Ridiculous Clarity

    by Oz
    I love how this plugin just works on so many sources. Vocals standout. The clarity of guitar is sublime. And it does it in a way that does not add too much sibilance. It keeps it in control!! just well done! I needed this sooner in my mixing career!
  • Presence and shape

    by Lorenzo Clandestino - DJ/Producer
    An important tool to create presence and shape the tone of the voice in the mix, it can also be used for other instruments
  • Vocal Enhancer

    by Gagliano
    Very Good!!!
  • Novel tech voc enhancer

    by Bd lieutenant
    Really simple, very very nice (smoothness & quality) “enhancer.
    Watch videos for operation, try trial for application, because u may have found an absolute gem. Sizzle, pristine, polish, radio ready sound finishing,
    I used this on voc, etc bt also to subtly brighten dull frequencies, ... it’s just magical
  • vocal enhancer

    by bern
    This plug brings the voice right into the front of the mix. Highly recommended. I was surprised, and am very happy with it. Try it, you'll like it.
  • Vocal Enhenser

    by kenn
    Bought the Plugin but never received it still trying through support to get it sorted