Customer Reviews

  • Totally a keeper

    by MS
    Use this guy to crisp up the vocals they way you hear on countless records with just a few seconds of knob movements and then add a dab of your favorite compressor and maybe a high pass (or just use one of the fantastic PA channel strips to do these things) and it sounds very, very, commercial. There is good reason this product has endured for so long...truly great sound without spending hardly any time at all to get there. This may actually be one of the bigger bang for the bucks in the entire PA collection, imo.
  • Vocal repair

    by Rick Veneer
    I'm currently remixing an album recorded 30 years ago and recently transferred from the 2" masters. The vocals were honky/boxy, and no amount of eq was able to make them sound acceptable.
    I remembered that I had this plugin and never put it to use, so I gave it a try and there it was. Great vocal sound with just a touch of the enhancer. If your vocals sound great, you may not need it, but if you are unhappy with the original recordings, this will do a great job.
    Now it's much more pleasurable working on the remix.
  • Noveltech Vocal Enhancer

    by Z
    Very musical sounding. Adds or subtracts different colors as opposed to an EQ that boosts or cuts. A great addition to my arsenal of useful processors. Works well on vocals (as the name suggests) :)
  • Easy to use, good results

    by Harvey
    As a really bloody tourist in mastering, i specially searched for an easy to use vocal editing tool.
    The Vocal Enhancer makes astonishing results by handling only a few control elements.
    My only tip for amateurs, use them wise and lowly.

    by tomeotv
    Have been using it for my last few songs and I must say it's very effective in bringing out the right frequencies for vocals to stand out more. I used it in my songs "Yoga Girls" and "Anthony Joshua VS Tyson Fury" on my YouTube page
  • Vocal enhancer

    by Rauschinger
    Sometimes just the right choise for bringing out the shine or breathy qualities in some, espacially female vocals. But it can easily be overdone espacially when you got some compressor / limiter further up your chain
  • Vocal Enhancer

    by BluelagoonStudios
    Great plugin for vocals, but also for strings etc. Can work with automatization in your DAW, makes it even more useful. Not the newest plugin, but still spot on, if you have bad quality of vocals, try this.
  • Vocal Enhancer

    by Whitty
    I was struggling to get the sound I wanted on a particular vocal. No matter what I did I wasn't satisfied with what I was getting. I remembered seeing the Noveltech Vocal Enhancer on the PA site and decided to do a demo to see if it would help me. Usually, I don't go for the more 'gimmicky' type plug ins but holy crap am I glad I demoed this. Totally got me where I wanted to be with some very minor tweaking of the 'Male Vocal' preset. Instant buy! You'll definitely want to add this to your list of vocal plug-ins.
  • Best kept secret

    by B. van kaa
    Of all the saturators out there, this still is a winner. Not just for vocals, but for every mid-range source that need enhancement. It's like having a secret in your DAW
  • Fairy duster

    by institute of Dartmouth
    If you have a voice that’s all over the Frequency spectrum this plug in is for you.. I heard somewhere it’s Alice coopers go to plug in..??