Customer Reviews

  • A set of tools you REALLY can build a workflow upon

    by PEEV
    This is one of the the best toolkits you could think of to extend your favourite DAW with. You will not need much more than what's in this bundle to succesfully tackle any challenge you will meet in your production or engineering career.
    This always expanding collection of plugs will never let you down.
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thank you very much for this great feedback!
  • Best Plugin Deal? Yup.

    by Clayton
    Is this the best plugin deal out there? I think so. Just the TMT tech alone makes PA much more appealing to me than most other companies, even those with subscription bundles. The PA bundle has huge selection of amazing plugins of just about every type you could want, I rarely have to leave the PA environment. There is 2 key exceptions. No tape emulations, and only 1 reverb. But even then, when PA does release those, they'll be added to the bundle. After looking around and trying demos, the PA bundle is without a doubt the best subscription deal, and plugin collection available.
  • deal of the century

    by EJaymo
    All of these great plugins, new one added as they launch. I have so many favorites making new ones as I go.
    We done Plugin Alliance!
  • Amazing Bundle MEGA

    by Letz
    Excellent plugins for mixing and mastering work !!! Thanks!
  • Well Worth It

    by Papadiche
    These are amazing plugins. Irreplaceable in my day-to-day mixing and production. Such a great value for $25/mo. Much better than being required to buy each one individually, and really lets you get creative and experiment with a whole bunch of gear! Highly recommended. I subscribed and never looked back
  • Excellent Plugs, but...

    by Trips
    Love the plugins, love the bundle and sub pricing, its all so convenient. Even curbed my need for purchasing a few plugins from another company since they are included here. There are a couple things I'd like to happen though.
    First, each month my subscription renews, when I open a session there is no sound. 100% of the times its because a PA plugin on the 2bus has been disabled due to the bundle needing to be reactivated yet again. You automatically take my money, find a way to automatically keep me activated please.
    Lastly, I would love to see some kind of "coming soon", "recently added" or "new plugins" functionality in the PA Mngr so I can easily assess what has been released that I may have missed, what I can look forward to, and have that info in the very place that the installation needs to transpire.
    Those things aside, excellent bundle, excellent value! Thanks Pa!
  • New era

    by crisis
    Professional plugins for a fair monthly price. The bundle is installed on two computers. It is a new era for homemade music production!
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thanks, and we like to hear that you are using our plugins on multiple machines. One of the highlights of MEGA for sure.
  • Super

    by Mboxwill
    Merci pour
    MEGA Bundle monthly
    je suis Mixer Cinema / Tv et Music et sais mes outils principaux
  • Thanks for the Mega Deal!

    by Larry
    After using the Mega Bundle I can find one PA plugin to solve a problem instead of two or three other plugins as before with better quality. After getting the monthly plan I've been mainly using the Mega Bundle to try it out on different genres and so far I haven't needed to reach for another manufactures plugin. I'm blown away by the depth and quality I'm getting in my songs!
    Thanks for the new Mega deal.
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thank you and enjoy! Happy mixing.