Customer Reviews

  • Couldn't Live Without

    by Deef
    Recently purged a bunch of subscriptions as I found myself coming back to these plugins.
  • Happy subscriber

    by Black Frost
    Almost everything I need is here and the collection keeps growing and growing - while the price stays the same! Once a year I snatch my favourites thanks to the yearly voucher, so I could maybe end the subscription one day. But - why should I? As an early subscriber I pay less than I receive. All the new stuff is just there, to be downloaded and installed. I am a happy subscriber.
  • Mega Bundle

    by valelungo
    Astonishing processing tools that really make a difference in your projects.

    by LUIS IS NEW
  • The best of the best

    by Bradnowel
    I paid a lot for plugins from other companies and it cost me too much money before I found out about the mega bundle which is the best value price vs quality. I'm making an album with my childhood favorite band, which has sold over a million albums (a french band so unknown to you) and it's sounds so much better with plugin alliance bundle than any other companies. I wouldn't had this gig if I didn't have the Mega Bundle, so thanks to Plugin Alliance and don't be afraid to invest here !
  • Resena

    by Gusnico74
    La verdad que impresionado lo que suenan y la cantidad por el costo Los felicito como diria un amigo te vuela la peluca !!!!
  • Pure Awesomeness

    by EB
    Best plugins. Best deal. Nobody else even comes close. 99% of everything you would ever need is here, and they keep adding more!
  • Awesome package!

    by Z7
    This is such a cool plug-in package. I researched every subscription bundle that I could find offered and in my opinion the MEGA bundle is the best one in terms of creativity, quantity, and quality. The price is not bad for what you get either. I am glad to be a new monthly subscriber. Hopefully the collection only gets better with time!
    PS - Some quick suggestions for future plug-ins to add in the future:
    1. Some tape machines (Or a tape machine with multiple emulations of various tape machines).
    2. Talkbox (One you do not have to use a mouthpiece with).
    3. Some all-in one guitar/rig plug-ins that actually sound realistic. Think Ample Sound but with a PIA spin.
    4. I will stop here, though I could go on. Haha...
  • Products

    by Eric mosley
    Listen...these are absolutely the best plugins that I ever not just saying this....I used some of the top brands and this mix/master everything bundle is superb. enough said
  • A set of tools you REALLY can build a workflow upon

    by PEEV
    This is one of the the best toolkits you could think of to extend your favourite DAW with. You will not need much more than what's in this bundle to succesfully tackle any challenge you will meet in your production or engineering career.
    This always expanding collection of plugs will never let you down.
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thank you very much for this great feedback!