Customer Reviews

  • Great desser with german quality

    by Latino
    This is awesome desser but i wish pa will add a mix knob it will make it no comparing with any one

    by mav
    both are really good, but i have to say im overly pleased with the single band Desser. ive replaced my fabfilter Pro-DS almost every time with this one. And im shocked, doesn't have many controls but the sound that comes through is just amazing
  • Not Quite Perfect, But Pretty Great

    by Anton Doty
    If I could give 4.5 stars I would, but considering how special this is, I'll go for 5. Most de-essers end up pumping the top-end, and for a long time I was wondering why the sibilance in my mixes wasn't quite sitting how pop mixers' often have it. When I popped this onto a pop-R&B project I was mixing I realized how they make it happen, with phase shifting de-essers like this instead of compression based ones. Absolutely worth it, and I grabbed it for a great deal, so even more worth it.
  • SPL Deesser

    by Seb Komor
    Bloody brilliant. I just dropped the blue on on my master out of all things. Such a nice smooth sound. Not ruining transients at all. I am very impressed. As many mention here, finding a really good sounding deesser vst is a needle in the haystack kind of situaiton.
  • De-Esser Collection

    by Galaxy Bridge
    For my taste it is the best and only De Esser plugin. You don't need another. Easy to use and unbeatable sound. Fantastic!
  • Amazing De-esser!

    by Sander's Stem
    I'm a voiceover artist and use this on my recordings. AWESOME! Don't use anything else anymore :-)
  • Nice vocal de esser

    by cabanasbeats
    Loving this de esser, using on every vocal to smooth off the harsh sibilance!
  • Better than speech therapy

    by Bunzing
    I'll be honest: I had a lisp. Although I was treated for it when I was young, and it's not a problem anymore, but it's hard to find a de-esser doing exactly what it needs to do to my voice. You would guess that a lisp is like a natural de-esser, but somehow it doesn't work that way. The SPL solved my problem. Excellent!
  • SPL De-Esser

    by Jonas Warnehed
  • Great tool

    by devenyit
    This de-esser is a must-have-tool!!!