Customer Reviews

  • Dual De-esser

    by Jorge Carmo
    After using many De-essers, my favorite De-esser, is the SPL Dual de-esser. I use it always in my projects....
  • Does the Job

    by Tonstudio Melodee
    Does the job, quickly. Easy use.
  • Gentle De-esser

    by Headstack
    The single band (hardware model) is so smooth, and produces no lisping artifacts.
    The SPLs work by feeding back the sibilance band, out of phase.
    This produces an effect unlike other De-essers, and is something worth demoing for your own ears.
    As with all de-essers, judicious depth reduction tends to produce the most natural and pleasing results.
  • SPL never lets you down

    by AreG
    SPL De-Essers work every time. On par with BSS DPR-402. Love them.
  • Spl De-Essers

    by Rashrule
    This is a beauty! It works great on vocals. It really does a great job of controlling the unwanted sibilances. Powerful product!
  • De-Essers

    by timirjan@yandex
    The high quality of all the plugins. The sound of my tracks has changed a lot! Thank you!!! Super!!!
  • De-esser

    by kinesound
    Thi* Plugin i* very *pecial and really kick* ar*e, Yuri @ Kinesound
  • Unique De-Essers

    by GPiazza
    Most De-Essers perform frequency specific compression; the disadvantage of that approach is that heavy De-Essing can smear the upper frequencies, creating more problems than they solve.
    The SPL De-Essers use a different approach: instead of compression, they use phase cancellation to literally reduce the amount of the offending frequencies, which produces a far more natural result. They also offer 'auto-threshold', using the same principle as their Transient Designer, allowing even low level sibilance to be detected and reduced.
    For an added bonus, they offer Mid-only and Side-only options for flexible control of stereo tracks.
    IMHO, the SPL Se-Essers are an essential tool in every serious mixer's arsenal.
    George Piazza - Tomb of the Mysteries / Fly Mastering / Tabula Rasa
  • de-yesssssssssss

    by Robert LB Dorsey
    Both of them are great! I used the hardware version and this plugin is just as good. When using a strong amount of reduction, its still sounds pretty natural, high mids are not killed unless thats what you want (dual band)
  • SPL De-Essers

    by Amerio
    I own the original hardware, and for many years I used and preferred respect to others de-essers. The concept was innovative at time, and now I'm happy to use the emulation, that works exactly the same.
    A must have!