Customer Reviews

  • Amazing De-esser!

    by Sander's Stem
    I'm a voiceover artist and use this on my recordings. AWESOME! Don't use anything else anymore :-)
  • Nice vocal de esser

    by cabanasbeats
    Loving this de esser, using on every vocal to smooth off the harsh sibilance!
  • Better than speech therapy

    by Bunzing
    I'll be honest: I had a lisp. Although I was treated for it when I was young, and it's not a problem anymore, but it's hard to find a de-esser doing exactly what it needs to do to my voice. You would guess that a lisp is like a natural de-esser, but somehow it doesn't work that way. The SPL solved my problem. Excellent!
  • SPL De-Esser

    by Jonas Warnehed
  • Great tool

    by devenyit
    This de-esser is a must-have-tool!!!
  • yes

    by 111
    very cool plugin was very useful
  • De-Essers

    by MrChunk
    This De-Esser does it different. It uses phase cancellation not compression so it works on a different level with no lisping artifacts. Genius! The dual band is great on problem vocals. This is a must have.
  • Dual De-esser

    by Jorge Carmo
    After using many De-essers, my favorite De-esser, is the SPL Dual de-esser. I use it always in my projects....
  • Does the Job

    by Heiko Klüh
    Does the job, quickly. Easy use.
  • Gentle De-esser

    by Headstack
    The single band (hardware model) is so smooth, and produces no lisping artifacts.
    The SPLs work by feeding back the sibilance band, out of phase.
    This produces an effect unlike other De-essers, and is something worth demoing for your own ears.
    As with all de-essers, judicious depth reduction tends to produce the most natural and pleasing results.