Customer Reviews

  • De-Yessssss

    by TNK
    One of THE definitive de-essers to own!
  • SPL De-Essers

    by Dynamic-Plugin
    I needed a good - and not too expencive possibility to reduce sibilant frequencies and found the right one.
    You must not be an audio-engineer to understand this plugin: Just work with the method "trial and error" and you will easily find the position where the sibilants are removed without destoying the original sound.
    You can store your adjustment and can forget all Troubles with Sibilant frequenzies.
  • Spl desser

    by Thirdeyem
    Sounds great on vocals and also spectacular on master bus.
  • SPL De-Essers

    by looshamik
    Great sound and ease of use!. Good job.
  • SPL DE-Esser

    by Botas Mono
    Recently i had to mix a vocal track with a high amounts of sibilance. With normal eqs, even with a dynamik eq, the result was not satisfying for me. So i checked out the SPL De-Esser. This tool is amazing and works perfectly. Very, very easy to use and i does not change the sound of the recorded voice. For subtile results i also used it on an overheadstem to filter out some harshness. I can highly recommend this tool for every vocaltrack.
  • Top Tier

    by RH
    This is the best ITB deesser I've used—and I also own all of the usual contenders—it's incredibly simple to use yet superbly powerful.
    Unlike other deessers which take considerable tweaking to reach what one would consider that 'perfect' sweet spot, this plugin can do that in literally *seconds*. I tested it on some very challenging material, and while other plugins would start to destroy the signal, this plugin kept it 100% intact and fixed the source far, far more competently. i don't even consider using any other deesser now.
    Hats off to SPL/PA - amazing product.