Customer Reviews

  • Powerfull Analysis

    by Audiomilitia
    This plugin rocks ! Everything you need in one place . Used this to check through while Mixing & Mastering my latest project and made referencing a breeze .
    Plugin Alliance response
    So, what is missing for a 5th star, please?
  • HawkEye

    by Eddie Torres
    Amazing plugin! Totally helps you to visually understand whats going on with your audio. A beautifully, technically well designed plugin. I must have tool for the studio.
  • Clear precise metering

    by MixedbyMe
    This is a metering plugin that earns its place due to its precision and easily read interface, it has plenty of options but the best feature is the by far the no fuss approach that is refreshing compared to many of the alternatives
  • See your sound

    by JoDell Playmaker
    The SPL HawkEye is an attractive plugin for analyzing your audio. Identify buildups and other issues in a mix with style that is easy on the eyes. I have a dedicated screen for this plugin to allow me to quickly look over and monitor a signal.