Customer Reviews

  • hawk eye

    by erv
    extrem usefull
  • groundbreaking

    by Alex Hepting
    Already at first iteration packed with features essential for detecting imbalances, targeting dynamics, inaudible frequencies which could draw energy and therefore more dynamic range, testing new plugins and HD audio with bitmeter. Makes mixing and mastering way more easier than without. Doesn't improve audio really but let you know what really happens in the background.
  • Fails as Spectrum Analyzer

    by klasus
    I bought SPL HawkEye on sale, becasue I needed a single window Metering tool since the one I was using before was 32 bit only so I could no longer use it.
    Although it's a useful single screen tool for metering levels and loudness, the spectrum analyzer is its weak point really. So weak in fact, that I have to use an extra analyser from a different brand. The Spectrum Analyser completely useless. It just doesn't help to get a sense of the frequency distribution from low to high frequencies nor does it help finding bad resonances on first glance. Maybe it's a different story when listening to the filtered signal but then I wouldn't need a spectrum either…
    The reason why this really fails for spectrum analysis is probably becasue the Y axis i too small. With plugins which are Spectrum Analyzers only, you usually get the charachteristic curve which drops in energy the higher the frequencies get which is well known from mastered material. But in Hawkey you don't get that which makes the spectrum really hard to judge. I am glad I got it in a sale, otherwise I would be really, really disapponted.
  • Excellent Metering Tool

    by Chris
    Excellent visibility, very well thought out, obtained for far, far less than what a certain competitor charges for their monitoring insights.
    That fifth star would be there if it could check on my surrounds too, or if the vectorscope could also display the stereo field. Other than those omissions, for my workflow, this is a great product that now lives on my monitoring chain for musical projects
  • HawkEye is my go to

    by JB
    This was well thought of when it was designed. This is my mixing info central. I like this a lot, so easy on the eyes.
  • HawkEye

    by Phil 21
    Yes I had meters. Now I'm Using this one. W H Y? Because..Th.
  • use many time

    by bb music
    I like very much
  • Haweye

    by element4audio
    Simple and good, have maybe all what you need, in a good interface and it is very friendly with the CPU
  • Awesome Metering Suite (Also have a standalone version)

    by Elliott S.
    Love this complete and versatile metering suite.
    Also truly awesome that it comes with a standalone version which i love to use to analyze playback from live streaming of different platforms, doing quick analyzis on the fly etc.
  • I'm a control freak and this plug freaks even me out!

    by Frankie Sweets
    I love it! This plug looks amazing, especially with the labels turned off. The display is huge and resizable. At a glance you know everything that's going on with your track. The colors are easy to look at without getting fatigued. Being that I mostly work at 96k and my converter rolls off around 50k at that rate, I love the feature of it transposing ultra high frequencies down to listenable range so you can hear what's going on in your ultra high frequencies!
    I know it's nuts to get excited over a meter plug, but seriously this plug brings it. If you need to know everything that's going on in your track, you'll love this plug.
    Now for the only bad thing - I rated it 4 stars only because the glaring omission in the vector scope. It displays the stereo and out of phase info as a lissajous display which I hate with a passion. I really wish it was the (imo) much more superior polar display for stereo and phase information.
    I try to minimize it but it can only be made so small. I wish this plug let you enable or disable displays because I'd love t remove the vector display altogether as I find the lissajous annoying and distracting. I thought you'd be able to switch between lissajous or polar as that seems obvious, but there's no option for that. A black mark on an otherwise perfect metering plug.
    To make up for it I use the polar display on the also amazing Nugen Visualizer plug and keep both of them open so I can see the polar display. If I size Nugen correctly, I can cover the vector display on the SPL Hawk and it kinda looks like the plug it should have been.
    A fantastic plug with just one glaring black mark. Still worth it for control freaks though. I can never have enough metering.