Customer Reviews

  • HawkEye is my go to

    by JB
    This was well thought of when it was designed. This is my mixing info central. I like this a lot, so easy on the eyes.
  • HawkEye

    by Phil 21
    Yes I had meters. Now I'm Using this one. W H Y? Because..Th.
  • use many time

    by bb music
    I like very much
  • Haweye

    by Alfredo
    Simple and good, have maybe all what you need, in a good interface and it is very friendly with the CPU
  • Awesome Metering Suite (Also have a standalone version)

    by Elliott S.
    Love this complete and versatile metering suite.
    Also truly awesome that it comes with a standalone version which i love to use to analyze playback from live streaming of different platforms, doing quick analyzis on the fly etc.
  • I'm a control freak and this plug freaks even me out!

    by Frankie Sweets
    I love it! This plug looks amazing, especially with the labels turned off. The display is huge and resizable. At a glance you know everything that's going on with your track. The colors are easy to look at without getting fatigued. Being that I mostly work at 96k and my converter rolls off around 50k at that rate, I love the feature of it transposing ultra high frequencies down to listenable range so you can hear what's going on in your ultra high frequencies!
    I know it's nuts to get excited over a meter plug, but seriously this plug brings it. If you need to know everything that's going on in your track, you'll love this plug.
    Now for the only bad thing - I rated it 4 stars only because the glaring omission in the vector scope. It displays the stereo and out of phase info as a lissajous display which I hate with a passion. I really wish it was the (imo) much more superior polar display for stereo and phase information.
    I try to minimize it but it can only be made so small. I wish this plug let you enable or disable displays because I'd love t remove the vector display altogether as I find the lissajous annoying and distracting. I thought you'd be able to switch between lissajous or polar as that seems obvious, but there's no option for that. A black mark on an otherwise perfect metering plug.
    To make up for it I use the polar display on the also amazing Nugen Visualizer plug and keep both of them open so I can see the polar display. If I size Nugen correctly, I can cover the vector display on the SPL Hawk and it kinda looks like the plug it should have been.
    A fantastic plug with just one glaring black mark. Still worth it for control freaks though. I can never have enough metering.
  • SPL Hawkeye

    by RayBear
    I never write product reviews, (okay, almost never) except for this product. I have several metering plugins that I use for single instrument monitoring, gain staging, group bus channels and mastering duties. For mastering, the SPL Hawkeye does EXACTLY what I need, better than the other metering plugins in my arsenal. I played the first song through it and the histogram displayed the accumulated sonic foot print of the entire song, so that I could immediately “zero-in” on problem frequencies. I know that other metering tools will do the same job, but this really was useful....immediately and with no “searching for arcane functionality”, etc. I love this plugin and it will sit on my mastering section of my DAW from now onward
  • Fantastic

    by Sonic Master
    I have used quite a few metering tools over the past two decades. This is the best overall in my far.
  • was trying out measuring systems for 7 years

    by PMT Studio
    I came across this other fine measuring system that made me forget about all others when CPU resources justification is a top concern such as some modern sessions require nowadays.
  • HawkEye is spectacular

    by PublicRecords
    Super precise metering. The loudness meter is the most comprehensive I've personally dealt with. The histograms are a nice addition. Only gripe is the FFT readout is a bit too twitchy and can be hard to read. Still easily earned it's 5 stars!