Customer Reviews

  • SPL Iron

    by Hans
    Absolut fantastic. You can put this thing on every signal and then feel how the tears run down your cheeks. I beg you to try out the demo and I promise you'll buy the IRON long before the demo period is over. Another bx milestone one can't live without.
  • SPL Iron Kicks Ass

    by Audiomilitia
    Awesome Emulation , Sounds fantastic ...Been A/Bing with the Uad shadow hills and i must say i think i prefer the Iron , seems to dial in a bit more bite , Digging it in M/S . Stereo width ,Tube and rectifier make this thing a real beast \M/
  • Nice Tone

    by CLNyc
    This is quickly becoming my fave compressor. As usual I applaud PA for putting out a DSP version. I put it on a mix and got a pleasing light compression right away. I just sounds nice.
    I almost bought one of these a few years ago. I love the mono maker. Did a great job on a spanky rhythm guitar part. Good stuff.
  • Wouu

    by K r a d . F a c e
    one the best compressor vst ,I have tried on a long time for drums , bass buss and master.
    Only you have to tried.
  • Spl Iron

    by Jordan Schultz
    I own most of Plugin Alliance and i never wrote a review, but this plugin is just BRILLIANT!!!!
    Its puncy, warm, clean, agressive, fat, its what ever you want it to be ... just must have compressor in any studio.
  • ....but one more thing.

    by 1stTimeHoller
    Output level.
    & yes, Input.....(actually that whole brainworx-y "top row" we're all used to now)
    Yep this plugin is super-cool. I watched a few video demos & liked the sound (& uniqueness) enough to just buy it. And I knew the outputs were stepped.
    But then I started playing with it (& wanted a level match) trademark "top row" with the Input/Output/Headroom)/Noise knobs???
  • Absolutely incredible!

    by N I M B V S
    The SPL IRON has earned a permanent place on my mix and group busses. It's one of those plugins that just sounds incredible every time I use it. This paired with bx_console is absolutely outstanding!
  • Mind Is Blown!!!

    by faithjunkie
    I dont usually write reviews but this 1 deserves one. Soon as I put it on I was blown away. Big,Warm,Smooth & Musical is what I hear. Please pick this up and be blown away also.
  • Instant buy...

    by P Bond
    This is just an amazing sounding compressor on busses of course but so great on individual instruments too. Incredible on vocals, it can have a sound or be beautifully transparent, no matter what it's always musical. I have almost all of PA's plugins at this point and this ranks with their absolute best work. Magic.

    by saffs
    This is the best mixbus processor to date. Simply demo it. It's transparent but does so much to the mix, like a magic trick but does not smear it with a particular style or retro angle. Amazing and CPU friendly too.