Customer Reviews

  • Adds that magic touch

    by Jweyerbacher
    I'm still learning about this plugin and it's capabilities. From my time using it I can say many positive things. It is able to add weight and depth to a mix unlike other bus compressors. I have many plugins from NI and Waves, it wasn't until I started to invest in plugin alliance that I really started to hear the quality differences. I like to use this on the master bus and when mastering. I set it to gently tame some of the transients and glue everything together. The iron can bring the mix together while maintaining dynamics and energy. I'd highly recommend this plugin for taking your mixes to the next level.
  • Fantastic, unique, flexible, GET IT

    by e-rob
    I never write reviews, but I am compelled to write about what a fantastic plugin IRON is. I've basically been stuck with some sort of SSL-style compressor on my stereo buss for as long as I can remember. It does just enough to glue everything together. Recently I was mixing a heavy rock track, and the SSL wasn't really doing much. I tried the IRON, and WOW. All of a sudden the track exploded with attitude and weight. The wealth of facilities on this plugin (parallel mix, mono maker, width, headroom, M/S, Side Chain EQ, AirBass, 120V rail) are integral to dialing in just the right sound. The tone is truly worthy of the original hardware, and even improves with the extensive options. Also thanks for continuing to make AAX DSP plugins. They are a huge reason for me to keep buying from PA.
  • MixBus/Mastering Staple!

    by Mert Mavis
    One of my staple mix bus and mastering compressors since I trialed the unit. All of my latest hiphop productions had SPL Iron either on a Mix Bus or during Mastering Process. It has such a great sound to it. Built-in presets are already sounding great, allowing you to hear the difference immediately and with little bit tweaks, I can get the sound I am going for with such ease.
  • Iron Glad

    by J
    Yet another top plugin
  • G R E A T ! !

    by mindloop
    This is one of the best mastering compressor i have used.
    Its perfect for EDM music. Great job SPL
  • Nice Tool

    by Casey Beavers
    The IRON is a nice compressor to have in your tool box. I notice significant good improvements on my music when I use it on my mastering buss. Glad I have it!
    Plugin Alliance response
    What can we do to earn your 5th star? Thanks for the review.
  • Spl Iron

    by Rubel
    In short ... it’s great compressor plugin I have ever seen...
    Loved it ...
  • Multipurpose

    by Mchangani
    This tank of a plugin is simply amazing! rectifier,Tape and air bass work wonders just to name a few...great on vocals/drums and mastering.
    smooth and punchy I love it!
  • SPL Iron

    by ZMan
    Wow. This is the compressor I've been needing that I never knew I needed until I used it. For mastering or bus compression I can't name a better plugin. I've run the gambit of all traditional compressors and this one for me beats them all. I own almost all the Plugin Alliance stuff and I have to say this one is the first one I've written a review for - for a reason. Just get the demo and start testing it out. It's truly the smoothest compression I've ever heard.
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thank you, we're happy to hear you like it so much! SPL IRON is a hit for sure.
  • Weight ... and all will be revealed.

    by LouisC
    This compressor is beautiful.
    The aesthetics speak for themselves however you are going to need material you know well playing back on a serious monitoring system to hear what it's doing. Looping a couple of bars of something and then listening to how very specific areas of the frequency spectrum are effected as you go through the various controls will put a huge smile on your face once you hear what its doing ... being this subtle makes it a HUGELY useful end of chain compressor et al.