Customer Reviews


    by Ivan Pesut
    The most versatile compressor I've ever used. Features available with one flick of a switch make it an amazing tone-shaping tool, which never sounds like it's doing too much.
    AirBass or tape-style roll-off, sidechain EQs, Tube Bias, and all the options available on the bottom of the plugin, turn the SPL IRON into a channel strip, in my opinion. It does a lot more than ''just'' compression, it saturates, it excites, and it manipulates both the dynamics and your EQ curves in the most pleasant way possible.
    Tried it on a few things except the mix bus, and the vocals really seem to like what's on the offer here.
  • Great but missing something important

    by Juan Pablo Velasquez
    This sounds lovelly, but I really really think that it is lacking a output knob, just to make a level match and don't fool my ears. I find my self constantly puting a gain plugin after. It could be as little as a little blue gain knob in the upper tab of the plugin. Other than that, I'm in love with this, it saves me time and tells me whats wrong with the mix. Just sounds great.

    by Martin
    Very great! I use it on instruments, mix bus, polishing... A magical tool for my ears!
  • Great for EDM glue!

    by Overdrive Music
    Great for EDM glue! The name says it all! Absolutely solid sound.
  • Superb

    by Dee
    This is incredibly good on pretty much every buss. Throw it on the guitar buss for a wall of guitars effect, nailed it. New York style parallel compression on the master buss works incredibly well.
  • amzing vocal comp

    by James
    this is an cl1b with a Fairchild 670 mixed together it's so good on vocal as a leveler and it's so transparent and creamy couldn't ask for more than this this is the pro compressor for modern music specially how it starts sounding like a record when you master with it, make sure to use the silicon rectifier on you're vocal with fast attack and release and 6db compression youwon't even ear it break it will stay pristine clean and smooth.
  • Fine it is

    by BluelagoonStudios
    I like the plugin, and wanted for many years the hardware. But a little over budget, just like the Passeq. I don't use this one in many mixes, but just to remaster music/ songs. This one from SPL is so nice sounding with the various choices like the led or silicon stage. Drive him to a GR from -6db, you won't hear to do the Iron his work. Others start to pump or even distort. Wish I had the money to buy the real Iron and Passeq.
  • SPL Iron

    by Boomtrooper
    Oh my word! I wish I had splashed out and bought this earlier - I'd have saved a fortune on various compressors! Expensive, yes, but it's just magical - handles everything from delicate acoustic guitar to pumping EDM/Trance and just seems to spinkle everything with fairy dust. Adds depth, width, warmth, glue and that little extra something... just amazing. Takes a little learning and experimentation, but its hard to make it sound bad!
  • Man....

    by TonVE is addictive
    Tells you whats wrong too.
    Work that
    Then just thrills
    Amazing beauty!
    Thank you team!
  • smooth talker

    by JB
    i had another mastering type comp plugin in mind to also use for drums,vox,etc but at the last minute went for this one...aside from the extra features (headroom,monomaker,etc) this seemed like it would be great to try, partially as it is pretty different from a lot of others. has a super smooth and polished kind of vibe, only thing is you prob will have to do some tweaking for a while - the setup/controls can be a little kooky at first. i also demoed the shadow hills (not the class A),it is cool but seemed to me a good bit rougher around the edges in comparison...that may be more appealing for some than the iron, but i think it was a good choice for me - i don't have anything else like it.