Customer Reviews

  • Great for snares

    by Paul Misty
    Try it on snares. Even samples. Or after a reverb put on a snare. Think big!
  • SPL Mo-Verb Plus

    by sjcongo
    Just like adding a sustain pedal into your DAW :)))
    Briliant plug
  • Controlar

    by Davidrums
    Para controlar las transientes de sonidos muy largos! Hace un buen trabajo
  • creative tool

    by Mchangani
    You want more verb? go get it, there are times when you just wanna mix and move on to the next project without compromising ur ideas if so Mo-verb is the tool... i love it on snare and claps and sometimes Hats.
  • SPL Mo-Verb

    by Jonas Warnehed
    Great sustain with easy action!
  • Bueno

    by Mike Herrera
    No me parece súper Plugin, pero es útil en ciertos aspectos, no puedo ser especifico.
  • yes

    by 111
    very cool plugin was very useful
  • Mo' verb, less problems

    by Cat-in-a-blender!
    Sometimes you need mo' verb. But then there are times when you need mo' verb plus! Well this has that plus!
  • Great!

    by filipe
    SPL is GRET!!! and this plugin is amazing
  • tools thats needed

    by Mr. Chiboiborn
    this plugin is definitely needed if you are mixing clients projects, who records their own music. this plugin will solve the room that makes the vocals sound muddy.