Customer Reviews

  • Not only

    by Jan
    Not only did SPL PQ magic on my higher frequencies, but especially the lows and lower mids. All troubles I've had with getting a better balance was gone just by starting from a preset and start working on the troubling parts. The mono maker and the THD original setting of -75dB, and a bit wider stereo width, got me to a place where I actually started to hear a sound that I before only imagined and dreamed of.
  • In love with this one!

    by sobrinN
    I'm a SPL fan and this one is so close to the hardware, really good for fine tuning and the THD knob combined with v-gain brings me that final touch!
  • I thought I didn't need it...

    by Roberto
    I have so many mastering-focused equalizer plugins, I really thought I wasn't going to bring this one into the fold. But I was working on a recent project where none of my usual go-to plugs for clean-but-vibey boosts was doing the trick so I pulled up the PQ and boom! It's been in high rotation ever since. I need to jack the GUI up to 150% and the fine print is still hard to read, but the pop-up values make it easy to get where I'm going. Nice one!
  • SPL PQ

    by uaivo
    I never used the hardware of SPL, but this PQ delivers Excellent, surprisingly great sound.
  • Great mastering EQ

    by Alfred
    A wonderful masterin EQ with a lot of possibilities. I made an all mastering chain with SPL components and it works like a charm! The masters are very good sounding and glued together in combination with the SPL Iron and Passeq. Metering with Hawkeye makes my chain complete. Very good!
  • Shaping a sound

    by Massivebeatzz on Youtube
    What a delight to use, and work with. The mix decisions I make on this, and the way it preserves the sound is very close to analog hardware The scable UI to 150% makes this bigger on my 46" Monitor than the real unit....And it is precise...excellent for mastering. Learn it, use it.
  • polished elegant EQ

    by langelo68
    Beautiful polished, airy, elegant sound with pristine quality yet not clinical. Best mastering EQ I have ever used. subtle yet deep. tons of headroom gives your mixes that final polished professional sound you want for a finalized project. If you are doing jazz, classical, folk rock and in general music with an open less compressed sound, this is the only mastering EQ you will need. combined with SPL Iron mastering compressor is a sublime match! very highly recommended.
  • SPL PQ

    by PMT Studio
    Great mastering eq has retained some of the flavours of the analog gear as well as more functionality from the BX team.
  • The Best...

    by Goldenchild / WM
    The SPL-PQ is special. It is by far the best Mastering EQ I've use in the Box. This EQ & the AMEK 9099 is really all you need, they compliment each other well. Great job Plugin Alliance on this one.