Customer Reviews

  • Massive Marshall Sound

    by B. van kaa
    Great sounding amp, really gives you a Marshall sound, with a tremendous pick attack, not heard in any other amp Sim. Really great for heavy sounds, with great mids. The cons: as always the Brainworx IR are a pain to navigate. It's also a great bummer that IR from other Brainworx amps can not be used within this amp model. Rather have a physical speaker and a microphone to move around. Although IR sounds great I prefer Two Notes interface.
  • Very special amp

    by Sebbie
    I own a lot of amps from Neural DSP, Nembrini, Mercuriall, STL... These something very special about PT100, it has a special, beautiful musicality.
  • PT100 Suhr thing!

    by Guitar David M
    Oh man this thing is great! If you want something that will do chimey cleans up to screaming metal, this is it. I'm surprised at the versatility of this amp. I bought it due to the amazing rock / prog crunch and metal I could get out of it. Throw an 808 in front and it screams.
    Then I was looking at some of the other amp plugins (Friedman
    Buxom Betty was one of them) up for sale strictly for clean sounds and compared them with the channel 1 of the PT100 to see what it could do. Didn't need anything else. On Ch 1, Gain knob about 2, and rolling down the Input Gain to about -8 to -10 and the Power Soak to about -9, and it is crystal clean and I'm using humbuckers!
    If you are gonna get an amp sim, this would cover quite a bit of ground! You won't regret your purchase!
  • PT100

    by Cheesecutter
    This amp is a blast to play and makes the DI guitar from my rehearsal recordings sound great . I like to combine it with the Megadual .
  • Beautiful and realistic tones

    by Zak Rahman
    I have never played a real Suhr amp before. I have no idea what they sound like or are supposed to sound like. I don't care.
    This amp simulation sounds absolutely beautiful. Nembrini and Plugin Alliance magic once again. This is an amp sim where it's very possible to forget you're working and just end up jamming out with the guitar.
    For reference I use a mid-range interface and have a guitar with good pickups (Duncan Seymour JBs and Hot Rails). I do always use third-party IRs with guitar amp simulations. That's how I like to work; I do this regardless of company and it should not be taken as a criticism.
    This amp sounds fantastic. I'd describe it as a Marshall that's slightly tighter that's doing something a little different. 3 channels and a host of useful features mean that it's very flexible. Performance is decent. Those with an older computer or an inefficient DAW may find it a bit power hungry. The fact is to get an amp sim to sound this good, oversampling is necessary. The GUI is laid out very well. As I said, I have never used a Suhr, but the controls on this feel so familiar I could use it with my eyes closed (also because I map the controls to a midi controller).
    What surprised me most about this amp was not how it sounds isolated (which is very good), but how well it works within a mix. It is remarkably realistic in this regard. On more than one occasion I have tried to EQ it only to disable the EQ and realise 'this recording doesn't need any post processing'. The engineer's dream haha.
    So, if you're looking for an accurate 1:1 simulation of whatever amp this is supposed to be emulating, my review should be disregarded. I don't know how accurate it is. Let's be honest, who really has a Suhr? They're for people like Guthrie Govan, not normal people like me.
    But if you're looking for a bloody-good amp sim, you'd be making a mistake not demoing this. I feel this is Mr Nembrini and Plugin Alliance's finest amp sim to date.
  • Just Fantastic

    by Stephen
    The PT100 plugin is simple to use and has an infinite array of tones on tap. This is now my go to DAW plugin. Incredibly well executed product.
  • Outstanding!!

    by CavernGuy
    I'm a big fan of Pete Thorn's YouTube channel, so I was excited to check-out the Brainworx/Plugin Alliance PT100 plug-in.
    It's everything that Pete described on his channel. Amazing! The sound possibilities are endless!!!
    Many thanks to Pete, Brainworx and Plugin Alliance. Great job!
  • Excelente!

    by Mishaja Cut
    Lo compre a ojos cerrados y no me equivoqué!
    Es un excelente amplificador con una infinidad posibilidades para testear.
    Muchas gracias por tan maravilloso trabajo
  • Holy Grail 3.0

    by Faydit
    One of the best sounding amps respectively amp plugins, which I ever have heard!
    Basically a very hot-rodded Plexi, which also means, that the "clean" channel - even without activated crunch mode not really sounds very clean, but nevertheless excellent, if you're looking for these magical vintage Tweed to Plexi 60's/70's tones, which easily can be controlled with guitar volume, nevertheless also show some extremely musical saturation and - in a positive way "dirt".
    I personally would have been happy with this channel alone, but there still are two more channels available here, even with additional boost option as well as an excellent (negative) feedback and deep control.
    Channel 2 offers more or less classic, very good sounding, reacting and behaving Plexi tones, although already with more gain reserves, with some more flexible fine-tuning options, while channel 3 offers an additional voicing, which seems to have some tighter bass, even some more additional gain and sustain, nevertheless the typical Plexi character still remains well audible and does not change to some sort of JCM or DSL tone, which I never really liked as much as these "legendary" tones. Treble and Presence also work very well, enable enough bite but never sound too harsh, thin, shrill or too digital.
    Feedback control also works fine, allows some more smoothness and compression or more dynamics and bite, the switchable deep control adds some (more) low end, if necessary.
    As usual, the speaker/cabinet section is excellent, my personal favorite is the Suhr 212 cabinet with the G12H Creambacks, which anyway are some of my favorite speakers.
    This for me is one of the more vintage voiced hot-rodded Plexis, which I know, while eg. Friedman amps, which also in general are more or less Plexi based, for me offer their more individual, Friedman typical voicing, than a really authentic Plexi tone. Not bad, of course, but also not completely authentic. The Suhr in my opinion remains closer to the original, it just plays and feels more like a Plexi, but adds more sonic flexibility and gain.
    One thing, I noticed, was, that the plugin seems to be more noisy than some other Brainworx amp plugins, so I needed to activate the - good working - noise gate more often than I did it if using some other plugins, on the other hand the noise gate anyway works well, so that this is no real disadvantage.
    The Suhr maybe is not the ultimate high-gain (metal) amp, but nevertheless sonically easily can compete with most more modern voiced amps in my opinion and it is an excellent choice it you're looking for great, legendary, if necessary slightly modernized tones with a typical Plexi "feeling".
    Sounds to me like the one Plexi, which Marshall (unfortunately) never managed to have built by themselves.
    Great work of the developer team and the programmer of this plugin! In my opinion as much a reference for British voiced amp plugins, as the Fuchs Overdrive Supreme 50 is it for (more) American voiced ones. Top notch!
  • Best amp from Brainworx

    by Ephreim
    Have always been a huge fan of brainworx amps and Pete Thorn. Was waiting for this to come for non UAD platforms. Bought it the moment I got the mail and tried it out. Wasn’t disappointed. This definitely is one among the most natural sounding and feeling amp sims ever.