Customer Reviews

  • Simply Amazing

    by Jeff92k7
    Where has this been all my life? I actually stumbled across this new compressor yesterday while refreshing myself on some of the more advanced features of the Kirchoff EQ (which I also own and love). To have such a fully featured compressor available made by the same company as my favorite EQ meant I had to check this one out right away. I downloaded the demo this morning and got right into comparing it to my other trusty compressors. Oddly enough, the timing was perfect as I have recently been INCREDIBLY frustrated with another company's cloud licensing that does more to prevent paying users from using their stuff than anything else. So, the first thing I did was compare the black and blue FET compressors to that company's famous "76" plugins. The results are not exactly the same, but they're close enough that I am comfortable switching to this one instead of dealing with the other company's cloud licensing anymore.
    However, the big selling point for me is the modelling of the Red VCA compressor. I have been using a RED VCA compressor plugin on lead vocals for years as a "secret weapon" and have never found a plugin that sounds close to that 10-year-old Red compressor plugin from the company that made the original hardware. There is just something magical about that plugin (and more so the actual hardware) that leaves such detail and all the subtle delicateness of a vocal intact, even when practically crushing it. This Cenozoix compressor is the only other plugin that I've come across that can almost exactly duplicate that performance. And on top of that, the "smooth vocal" preset is not too far off from what I dialed in when comparing to that other plugin.
    I've really been trying to pare down my stable of plugins to only ones that I actually use. This Cenozoix compressor just replaced a handful of other compressors, helping me pare down my plugin list even more, while still giving me all the same sound quality and (even more) features as those older plugins. To not only be such a great, clean compressor on its own, but include usable models of some big-name FET, Opto, and VCA compressors that I have used for years is just amazing.
  • The best glue compressor from all glue compressors

    by BluelagoonStudios
    As I lately do only master projects, this one is on my buses, just select the FET glue compressor preset and go from there. You can't go wrong, you can throw everything at it, and it will do its job. Before, I used the Townhouse or the Bettermaker Bus compressor. And I did not try the other compressors yet. What else is there to find in this magic box?
  • My new absolute fantastic first choice compressor

    by Daniël J. Manuputtij
    I do not care that it emulates all these historical legends of compressor machines, it just sounds fantastic! If you say that it is because of ADAA, I will believe you. But whatever it is, it is absolutely amazing! There is not a overload of presets to choose from, but those which are there are immediately very usable in every situation. It might just take a few seconds to dial into context. I cannot remember the last time I was this enthusiastic about a plugin. It might have been since the first good LA-2A emulation on a DSP card over twenty years ago...
    Just brilliant!
  • Powerful

    by DJ Chef 808
    I couldn’t believe this compressor exists. TBT really went in this time. Everything sounds way more polished through this. Now I load up every sound through it. Extremely clean transparency that they beat everyone else with it. There’s no suitable competitor to what this does. PA destroys everyone year in, year out without compromise!
  • When Will We Admit These People Are Secretly Wizards And These Tools Are Actually Tricks Of The Mind, Etc.

    by T_G
    These arcane signal whisperers have once again made a tool so good it makes me wonder how in the hell they managed to pull it off. There are features in here I have literally never seen before. Sidechain filter includes their incredible EQ.
    I can see myself using this on just about everything and to top it all off even 4x oversampling clocks in at a whopping 1.9ms of latency. With no oversampling (like most software comps!) it's sub 0.1ms. Nuts. Unreal. Stop it.
    Three Body Tech, you've done it again, you crazy kids.
  • Phenomenal!

    by OGONE1
    This is absolutely the best compressor on plugin alliance! This might be a Revolution in the compressor world as it’s doing the job of multiple compressor types and it’s doing it at the highest levels of plug in compression.
    I’ve spent hours now comparing it and trying it on multiple songs,instruments and vocals! With some results being astounding and other results matching or bettering the compression of some of the elite plug in comps out there.
    Need a LA2A? It does it! Compare it to an LA2A plug in…it destroys it.
    Need a BUS compressor for glue? It does it! Compare it to your favorite bus compressor..It destroys it!
    Clean,dirty, smooth as silk, mastering, mid side , side chain dreesser! It’s doing all these task and smashing all compressors in your plug in folder!
    I can keep going but you get the idea/theme here
    And I think the biggest thing that folks will realize quickly about this plugin is the speed in which you can compare the different types of compression.
    This will quickly let you know which type is right for each situation maybe you through optical compression on a vocal but your switch to Vari mu and find it just sounds right for the situation you can do this with a simple click with the setting changing.
    I recently thought Unisum was the best compressor out there in the plug in world and though it has its place Three body already have climbed to the top with this one!
    Simply put its desert island material.