Customer Reviews

  • Instant Delay

    by timirjan@yandex
    Crystal-clear sound. Often I use!
  • Instant Delay

    by j tayo
    Mad, Bad, The delay you wish you had !
  • Instant Delay

    by Ebro
    Delay must have been the first effect in my musicmakin world and still works in new interestin ways,´.
  • Instant Delay

    by J
    I like delays add modulation and filter can't loose

    by Anthony Lee
    With the name 'Instant Delay' I expected something pretty bog standard. In addition to this, I didn't think I needed another delay/echo plugin. But Unfiltered Audio seem to bring a unique character to what they do. It doesn't have the versatility of, say, Echoboy, but it does have a lovely sound that Echoboy can't seem to replicate - I was sold after trying just a few presets
  • Glitch madness

    by Chris Turbiville
    yeah its a delay, but basically if you want to get into modular synth hardware... try this first. You can get into some serious sound mangling.
  • Instant-Delay

    by Atir
    I am from the UK and seldom write reviews about products.
    As I believe if an item is good it usually takes-off by its own momentum of quality !
    Having said this ... I wish to convey how enamoured & blown away by The plugin by Unfiltered - Audio / Instant - Delay.
    Yes; there are so many Delays & Reverbs out there in the market place, some good and some not so. This one has a quality that is unique to itself and a clean clarity too !
  • Instant Delay

    by Attacker
    Thanks for a very good plugin.
  • Ruben Nievas

    by Rbn
    Absolutely Recommended!
    in a few words: Elegant, sophisticated and powerful.
    It is a pleasure to work with this amazing SANDMAN: Complex but funcional and great sound quality. Ideal for Sound design. it is awesome...
  • Unfiltered audio-Instant Delay

    by Watercolours
    This delay is very good, versatile and the modulation possibilities very nice.I already, like most people, own some good delay plug-ins but this addition is really welcome.