Customer Reviews

  • Instant Delay

    by J
    I like delays add modulation and filter can't loose

    by Anthony Lee
    With the name 'Instant Delay' I expected something pretty bog standard. In addition to this, I didn't think I needed another delay/echo plugin. But Unfiltered Audio seem to bring a unique character to what they do. It doesn't have the versatility of, say, Echoboy, but it does have a lovely sound that Echoboy can't seem to replicate - I was sold after trying just a few presets
  • Glitch madness

    by Chris Turbiville
    yeah its a delay, but basically if you want to get into modular synth hardware... try this first. You can get into some serious sound mangling.
  • Instant-Delay

    by Atir
    I am from the UK and seldom write reviews about products.
    As I believe if an item is good it usually takes-off by its own momentum of quality !
    Having said this ... I wish to convey how enamoured & blown away by The plugin by Unfiltered - Audio / Instant - Delay.
    Yes; there are so many Delays & Reverbs out there in the market place, some good and some not so. This one has a quality that is unique to itself and a clean clarity too !
  • Instant Delay

    by Attacker
    Thanks for a very good plugin.
  • Ruben Nievas

    by Rbn
    Absolutely Recommended!
    in a few words: Elegant, sophisticated and powerful.
    It is a pleasure to work with this amazing SANDMAN: Complex but funcional and great sound quality. Ideal for Sound design. it is awesome...
  • Unfiltered audio-Instant Delay

    by Watercolours
    This delay is very good, versatile and the modulation possibilities very nice.I already, like most people, own some good delay plug-ins but this addition is really welcome.
  • Big sound little package

    by DJ Variant
    So much to use in such a small package. Can get amazing sounds very quickly out of it without a lot of searching. Controls are simple and intuitive. For the price it can't be beat.
  • Inspiring and fun to use

    by MarkRM
    The Unfiltered Audio plugins are some of my favourites in the PA catalogue, and this is an excellent addition. Amidst all the utility plugins to be found here, these sound design tools are hidden gems. Highly recommended.
  • Instant Delay

    by Perry
    On the Unfiltered Audio Instant Delay
    all has been good Install went fine all controls worked via mouse or track ball
    It works fine just like any delay no coloring just the delayed signal
    My only issue is the GUI very simplistic it all works but sure would like to see
    something a bit more real looking, other than that all is working fine