Customer Reviews

  • I call this 'Silky delay' because it sounds amazing!

    by Overdrive Music
    Been using this for 3 or 4 months for vocal delay throws on every mix. I own other really amazing delays such as EckoBuoy and H-Deelay from Whaves. But this sounds the cleanest to my ears!
    I've just seen the capabilities of routing the modulation.
  • Nice

    by JackBale
    It is a inspiring tool to do anything you set your mind to in the mix
  • Weird Delay

    by Mike
    This will not work on everything but when it works....IT WORKS!!!
  • Great versatile Delay

    by recursr
    Not an everybody delay, but simpler than expected- it does all a common delay will do (stereo delays, synced delays, a bit of distortion, pitch shifting etc..) and this in a straight forward way- but beyond this has some unique features as the really flexible modulation options, the sample rate reduction as a kind of unique distortion fx, a reverser and access to the buffer itself. Quality is something between neutral and glitchy-presets definitely glitchy, but you get also quite "normal" transparent results out, when just using the standard features. I like it to use for both and especially the sample rate reduction creates some unique distortions I haven't found in any other delays. Also the "Diffuse" reverb for the delay mode "modern instant" is highly welcome and a rare feature in other delays.
  • Instant delay

    by element4audio
    Very pristine, good enough, do the job and in a really good way. For the price it is outsanding
  • Flexible

    by Faydit
    A very good sounding delay plus a lot of interesting and flexible features for a wide range of additional sound modifications.
  • Lovely workhorse

    by Kholder
    This delay brings so much to the table in such a small package. I use it frequently for workhorse delay. But its capabilities for creative effects should not be under-estimated. So easy to use, and really great parameters to add that extra shine and interest to the delay channel. Love it!
  • Instant Delay

    by UB
    Like the modulation capabilities in the plugin, add new dimension to the signal with the saturation parameter. Basic but full of sonic opportunities.
  • instant delay

    by jay kru
    Once again, very creative, fun and top sound...highly recommend!!
  • Nice

    by Cat-in-a-blender!
    Sure the name might be an oxymoron, but it is moron proof and does what it says on the tin!