Customer Reviews

  • A BEST BEAST delay unit

    by Little Cloud
    I mix a lot of variety and this BEAST of a delay unit has become my GO TO ONE STOP SHOP Delay plug-in for almost every delay purpose I am confronted with DO NOT OBJECT TO MY LOVE OF THIS PLUGIN..try it yourself and dig into its incredible and versatile simplicity. I cannot speak highly enough about the design of this incredible delay plugin. HIGHLY ESTEEMED :-)
  • Great product

    by MS
    Clean sound, and as it says on the tin very fast to set up. The filter is great and the modulation is fantastic and easy to use.
  • I call this 'Silky delay' because it sounds amazing!

    by Overdrive Music
    Been using this for 3 or 4 months for vocal delay throws on every mix. I own other really amazing delays such as EckoBuoy and H-Deelay from Whaves. But this sounds the cleanest to my ears!
    I've just seen the capabilities of routing the modulation.
  • Nice

    by JackBale
    It is a inspiring tool to do anything you set your mind to in the mix
  • Weird Delay

    by Mike
    This will not work on everything but when it works....IT WORKS!!!
  • Great versatile Delay

    by recursr
    Not an everybody delay, but simpler than expected- it does all a common delay will do (stereo delays, synced delays, a bit of distortion, pitch shifting etc..) and this in a straight forward way- but beyond this has some unique features as the really flexible modulation options, the sample rate reduction as a kind of unique distortion fx, a reverser and access to the buffer itself. Quality is something between neutral and glitchy-presets definitely glitchy, but you get also quite "normal" transparent results out, when just using the standard features. I like it to use for both and especially the sample rate reduction creates some unique distortions I haven't found in any other delays. Also the "Diffuse" reverb for the delay mode "modern instant" is highly welcome and a rare feature in other delays.
  • Instant delay

    by element4audio
    Very pristine, good enough, do the job and in a really good way. For the price it is outsanding
  • Flexible

    by Faydit
    A very good sounding delay plus a lot of interesting and flexible features for a wide range of additional sound modifications.
  • Lovely workhorse

    by Kholder
    This delay brings so much to the table in such a small package. I use it frequently for workhorse delay. But its capabilities for creative effects should not be under-estimated. So easy to use, and really great parameters to add that extra shine and interest to the delay channel. Love it!
  • Instant Delay

    by UB
    Like the modulation capabilities in the plugin, add new dimension to the signal with the saturation parameter. Basic but full of sonic opportunities.