Customer Reviews

  • from SUBTLE to TOTAL, be CREATIVE!

    by apaivab
    Yes, this plugin can do ALL you usual suspects for Lo-Fi degradation. But...explore it a bit using the Randomize dice, to find a bunch of paths that you didn't know you needed. Easy to be creative with this toy, have fun designing batsh** crazy sounds.
  • Beautiful "Destroyer"

    by Peter Riese
    This is a beast of a basher! And it´s different. The combination of the different modules is awsome and it is a pool of a creative timemachine. You just have total control over a very flexible way of changing a sound and make it beautifully dirty. Totaly thumbs up!!!
  • Your go to for LO-FIness

    by Sonic Union
    Another great plugin from the brains of Unfiltered Audio. Use it for creating nasty soundscapes and industrial vibes. A great tool for sound effect creation!
  • LoFi workstation

    by Nico@SunnySideInc
    Most Lo-fi plugins focus on one technology or aspect of degradation : analog, tape, vinyl, or digital, bitcrusher.
    Here it's all in one, up to extreme processing and out there sounds.
    Refreshing take on lo-fi and complete workstation to degrade your signals into the unknown.
  • Sample Heaven!

    by Audiomilitia
    A very welcomed addition to the PA army! Its super easy to play a piano line, run it through the LoFi and its got that authentic sampled feeling. Game changer having a mix function for the convolution reverb too. Flux feature adds an immediate, authentic analog vibe. The Cell Phone noise section is a good chuckle too haha. Very stoked with this plugin!
  • Lo-FI at its Best

    by Eddie Torres
    Get some original creativities with this Plugin! Loving what its doing to some of my music!! PA did it again!!!
  • Total Madness!

    by Chris Landon
    The Edge of which Lo-FI-AF delivers is absolutely mad! I've been mixing an older style Avril pop-punk mix and added this all over it. It sounds fresh, current & extremely musical! My new little go-to plugin!
  • A beast of a Lo-Fi plugin

    by Dboom
    By far the most in-depth LO-FI plugin I have seen in a while. You can go from super subtle colouring to full on mangled audio. Very smart of them to have the "Global Strength" knob, as well as a Mix knob. I'm sure people will compare this to the RC-20, but this is another beast all together. Definitely recommend!
  • tasty-af

    by Tristan
    MP3 is the best knob in my studio right now. Well done !!
  • Makes Guitars Sound Filthy

    by Stephen Buvoltz
    I just finished a mix with guitar parts before the chorus of the song that needed to be super low-fi and this plugin was the perfect fit to get those tones I was expecting to hear! Down right Filthy and a great contrast to add tension before the chorus in the song. I love it and you will too!