Customer Reviews

  • Beautiful "Destroyer"

    by Peter Riese
    This is a beast of a basher! And it´s different. The combination of the different modules is awsome and it is a pool of a creative timemachine. You just have total control over a very flexible way of changing a sound and make it beautifully dirty. Totaly thumbs up!!!
  • Your go to for LO-FIness

    by Sonic Union
    Another great plugin from the brains of Unfiltered Audio. Use it for creating nasty soundscapes and industrial vibes. A great tool for sound effect creation!
  • LoFi workstation

    by Nico@SunnySideInc
    Most Lo-fi plugins focus on one technology or aspect of degradation : analog, tape, vinyl, or digital, bitcrusher.
    Here it's all in one, up to extreme processing and out there sounds.
    Refreshing take on lo-fi and complete workstation to degrade your signals into the unknown.
  • Sample Heaven!

    by Audiomilitia
    A very welcomed addition to the PA army! Its super easy to play a piano line, run it through the LoFi and its got that authentic sampled feeling. Game changer having a mix function for the convolution reverb too. Flux feature adds an immediate, authentic analog vibe. The Cell Phone noise section is a good chuckle too haha. Very stoked with this plugin!
  • Lo-FI at its Best

    by Eddie Torres
    Get some original creativities with this Plugin! Loving what its doing to some of my music!! PA did it again!!!
  • Total Madness!

    by Chris Landon
    The Edge of which Lo-FI-AF delivers is absolutely mad! I've been mixing an older style Avril pop-punk mix and added this all over it. It sounds fresh, current & extremely musical! My new little go-to plugin!
  • A beast of a Lo-Fi plugin

    by Dboom
    By far the most in-depth LO-FI plugin I have seen in a while. You can go from super subtle colouring to full on mangled audio. Very smart of them to have the "Global Strength" knob, as well as a Mix knob. I'm sure people will compare this to the RC-20, but this is another beast all together. Definitely recommend!
  • tasty-af

    by Tristan
    MP3 is the best knob in my studio right now. Well done !!
  • Makes Guitars Sound Filthy

    by Stephen Buvoltz
    I just finished a mix with guitar parts before the chorus of the song that needed to be super low-fi and this plugin was the perfect fit to get those tones I was expecting to hear! Down right Filthy and a great contrast to add tension before the chorus in the song. I love it and you will too!
  • Gonna Have Fun With This

    by EricMakesMusic
    I just downloaded it and I can tell I'm gonna love it. Lots of cool retro feels. the presets are great and the help tips make it easy to learn how to do your own tweaking. Nicely done!