Customer Reviews

  • Great secret weapon

    by kintellect
    Definitely the deepest and most versatile vinyl emulation plugin. The compression, wow & flutter and pitch effects are fantastic and can give you an instant vintage sound.
  • LoFi swiss army knife

    by willcando
    Now Hear this! Now Hear this! Needlepoint is such a creative way to get your signature LoFi sound for any style of music. another must have unit for the creativity you want from a company you can trust.
  • better..

    by Synthitize
    this FX vynil emulation is very good and the FX start & stop was very impressive and very realistic... Beter than other i tested
  • Needlepoint

    by Ray Seay
    This plugin brings me back to when we use to sample sounds off of records. To think we would try to find ways to eliminate the record noise not knowing that it added character to the sample. With Needlepoint I can add or take away the amount of record noise I see fit on my samples. Thank you guys for making this plugin. It gives me inspiration to be creative when Im mixing.
  • fuzzy funky warm versatile

    by Rew
    This thing just adds some grit and warmth to whatever you put it on. Has a lot of character potential but you also have a lot of control over what this is doing to your sound so if youre going for a vintage vibe this is a super handy tool in your toolbox