Customer Reviews

  • My new go-to delay

    by Iván González
    This baby is simply the best delay out there. You can do almost everything: from crazy textures to amazing reverses delays and everything between, including some love for lo-fi sounds. To much inspiration with the modulation capabalities. 10/10. Well done.
  • Es Impresionante!

    by Yoplalex
    Es un Plug-In muy Espectacular de "Delay". Es capaz de modular el Delay de formas únicas e increíbles!

    by BLOKADA
  • My go-to delay/verb for amazing soundscapes

    by Under A Mile
    This is a modern sounding creative delay. I used this so much on my recent album, pretty much on every track - from creative vocal delays, to adding space to guitars, and adding extra percussive fx to liven up a bass track. There's so much you can with it, it never fails to inspire me, helping to create amazing soundscapes.
  • instant ambient

    by mark eye
  • Out of space

    by Sandman Pro
    Love this one. Can take a simple atmosphere sound and make it out of space drone just by choosing a simple preset!
  • For sound designers

    by Carambo
    Well, this plugin is complex to master, the delays are good for sure, but on par with plugins on the market. The preset doesn't give tribute to the plugin capability, the pitch presets sound artificial to me, the rest of preset are average. However sound designers will find what they are looking for as it can create crazy sounds !
  • Not your average delay

    by K.E.R
    I hardly give any reviews but I really got to say that this thing is just AMAZING! Just when I was thought that I really do not need any new delay units in plugin or in a hardware version Sandman just proves me how wrong I am with that opinion. Thanks to Unfiltered Audio and Plugin Alliance I am now really happy owner of Sandman. This thing is just much more than an average delay. It's actually a true sound shaping tool and I really highly recommend it to any person who takes his / hers craft of sound designing seriously to pick up this GEM. It is truly something more than just a delay that I got to say. I bet it makes my face smile even more and more in years to come. What a true piece of inspirational workflow helper you got right here!!!
  • Sandman Pro

    by UB
    Like the freeze function a lot! Almost endless possibilities with this function, I use it as wet or dry signal.
  • sandman pro

    by jay kru
    Creatively insane!! Love it.