Customer Reviews

  • Awesome plug-in!

    by OuchMouse
    Really amazing sound design tool.
    It can make a variety of sounds from subtle granular effects to glitchy madness.
  • Silo

    by Erik Dangenoir (Cercl'oeil Prodctions-CEO/Founder):INSANASOMNIA, Imaginary-Steps...
    Fun toy.
    Built for theses perfectionist engineers who just can't finish anything, and this reverb will definitely help them, for you can tweak this plug-in until the day you die.
    Write a special testament annex that forces your children to quit their jobs and finish the tweaking for you, in order to receive their inheritance share.
  • silo

    by Doctor Too Much
    fantastic sound
  • Just really sick!!!

    by K.E.R
    Every sound designer's wet dream. I very rarely give reviews but this one surely deserve my both thumbs and all of my toes up! You just got to try it for your self and you'll be stunned to what this plugin is capable. Really high end quality from my favorite plugin manufacturer. Just awesome, really well done Unfiltered Audio
  • SILO

    by Following Light
    This is a great granular reverb, with many functions, great for creating testers, effects for games and movies! I love it !
  • Silo

    by Cyrille Cassier
    The sound design take another dimension with this baby.
    Congrats team!!!
  • A must have in your arsenal!!!

    by Christian Luppi
    Starting from sound design to mixing beyond the most incredible possibilities, this new creature from Unfiltered Audio is for me a precious little gem already indispensable in my arsenal of tools.
    Infinite possibilities of sound design, from the simple spatialization of a sound to the creation of incredible textures and landscapes, starting from any type of sound (a loop or an instrument or a voice).
    Incredible the usefulness that it can have even in the mixing phase, where it helps to better bring the sounds into the context with a great possibility of managing the space in a three-dimensional way, but... but not only!!!
    What struck me most is the great possibility that it gives me of being able to stand out in a mix with granular synthesis combined with spatialization, especially with percussive sounds.
    The user interface is very clear and understandable, I find the possibility to exclude unused modules at will excellent and functional, the sound is excellent ...
    For all these reasons and more, Silo is for me already an indispensable work tool that I believe should not be missing in the tools of any sound designer and beyond.
    Excellent work Unfiltered Audio and thanks again to Plugin Alliance: THUMBS UP!!!
  • Incredible sound mangler

    by Tristan
    Innovative, unpredictable and inspiring. Most importantly, doesn't get too into the weeds as some granular tools can...Silo remains musical and straddles the line between easy to use and extremely powerful.
  • creative Reverb

    by Peter Riese
    It a magic plugin for creating crazy rooms and reverbs. It´s different than everything i know. You can create the most awesome and most incredible reverb & delay-fx you can imagine. The granular stuff makes it really nuts. It´s a brilliant addition to my bread & butter reverbs.
    well done!!!!