Customer Reviews

  • combine with Ampeg B15N

    by apaivab
    Great sounding bass, easy to use, versatile (slap is good!) really shines combined with a good bass amp simulator, for my taste the Ampeg B15N.
    Make sure you play with a couple of powerful options that will define the sound you´re looking for: Velocity Map & Neck Fretting positions.
    Oh, and the sustain pedal makes for a nice punch! (customizable to muted notes & more too).
  • nice sounding fat bass

    by Peter Riese
    it´s pretty forward plugin. Doesn´t do much but the right amount of very good sounding bass. sounds great and flexible. what do I need more?
  • Bass Man You Need Bass

    by AuDioLeaD
    Bass yes we love it but rarely have it, until now.
    As a Bass player for 40 years this plugin man is a serious contender.
    Thank you Plugin Alliance now everyone can have BaSS.