Customer Reviews

  • matcha

    by woo
    Run this thru an amp simulation and it sounds great! Having loads of fun with this!

    by Erik Dangenoir (Cercl'oeil Prodctions-CEO/Founder):INSANASOMNIA, Imaginary-Steps...
    The only plug-in ever created for fast guitars chords overdubs. Insert it in-between some fx pedals and any Plugin Alliance amp sim for ultra realistic sounding results.
  • WF Matcha

    by bludatta
    I have now spent enough time with Matcha to say... this is a really cool, playable, intuitive instrument. I am super glad they didn't waste time trying to make their own amp sims, most of us have loads and have our favorites already. Instead they spent the time to make an instrument that makes those amp plugs sound stellar.
    The guitar synth is really fun and intuitive to play, cool use of the pedals (it would be nice to have a little more flexibility there) and bend/mod wheels. Within a few minutes of messing around I found myself crushing a fairly realistic chunky metal guitar part. Minutes to Music, not hours of menus.
    Inspiring stuff, what can be a better endorsement? Music was made! I think it will continue to be useful in music production, composition, as well as commercial work. Nice job, Wedge Force.
    Paul M. Grove
  • Matcha

    by ladewd
    This is a great plugin! When using amp sims, this plugin is spot on. As a keyboard player, I have one request. Allow us to change the behavior of the sustain pedal. In other words, as a keyboardist, I expect sustained note to be sustained. So I would like the chugs to be present with an up pedal and down with sustained notes. Other than that, I like working with this plugin. It’s just a bit anti-intuitive for me regarding pedal functions.
  • solution for guitarists in apartments

    by apaivab
    I'm a guitar player who lives in an apartment. Some tones you can not get unless you crack your amp really loud. Here is where MATCHA arrived as a miracle for me.
    It is hard to believe that a synthetic instrument can replicate a guitar, and I was very incredulous until I tried it, but it is so well thought that with ANY pedal chain and amp/simulator (yes, even the Logic stock ones), this thing sounds REAL. And when I use my Godin MIDI guitar + Roland GR-55, even more so.
    I have a lot of pedals and guitars, but I'm guessing that for most of my scoring productions, I'll be using MATCHA, save myself some time, hassle, and problems with my neighbors! (:
  • Matcha

    by Marco Forni
    Good emulation is the one that gives you a crisp, realistic sound. Great emulation gives you that PLUS expression and full control over your performance. Result is : Emotions.
    Believe me, and try Matcha.
  • Guitarist's Helper

    by Stephen Buvoltz
    When I first listened to Matcha a lot of 'what ifs' came to mind. What if I quad tracked my own guitar along with Matcha tracks in the mix panned left and right. I tried that and the result? Sounds BIG and I'm thinking is this Rammstein's secret weapon for their sound? lol! I'm very impressed with what this plugin can do and recommend it to, yes even us guitarists that play some keyboard!
  • Matcha guitar well

    by Rick Veneer
    Since I'm a guitar player, this is not the kind of thing I would normally use myself. However, listening to the demos and playing around with it through amp sims and effects, it is, in my humble opinion, the closest any keyboard instrument has ever come to a proper guitar sound. I'm amazed how it can sound indistinguishable from a real guitar when played like a guitar through the right fx chain. Play it like a keyboard and it can sound like Jan Hammer on a Minimoog, but play it like a guitar and it will fool you into believing it is a guitar. Well done!
  • As a guitarist I am amazed at how good this is

    by MixedbyMe
    Honestly I didn’t expect much from this at all, boy was I wrong. It sounds right even from the presets and has enough control to sound real in any mix that requires it.
    Totally impressed by the versatility and ease of use
  • The bees' knees

    by Tiki Horea
    This plugin's pretty realistic-sounding.
    I especially use it for softer, less technical genres.
    When programming the guitar part, I make sure not to use anything at a velocity of 127, since that can sound less-than-realistic.
    The engine is really customizable, so give it a shot. It's incredibly useful for demoing, especially if you're not a guitar player.
    Have fun!