Industry Reviews

  • Dave Pensado
    Dave Pensado

    The HG-2 plugin is destined to become a classic. The hardware unit seduced its way onto all my mixes for the last couple years, and now the plugin is finding its way onto multiple tracks like guitars, synths, vocals, drums and the stereo buss. The HG-2 plugin is a winner and should be in everyone’s arsenal.

  • James Wiltshire
    James Wiltshire

    21st Century mixing is now totally dependent on controlled distortion and overdrive techniques. The Black Box HG-2 spews out harmonic warmth and crispy tones in bucket loads without the need for you to ever swap out a valve or bother your repair person.

  • Josh Newell
    Josh Newell

    Most saturation plugins drastically change the sound of your source material without giving you any control over the coloration. You either like their sound or you don't, so you're stuck with one option. The HG-2's tonal controls are incredibly flexible and useful, giving you the ability to dial the saturation in to be exactly what you need. The plugin is great for thickening up thin guitars and making them sit well in the mix.

  • Stonebridge

    We all love that analogue air that is so hard to get right in the harsh digital world. Until now that is. I’m blown away by how easy this plug makes the mix sound $$$ and it also has all kinds of dirt and filth adds for that final touch - absolutely love it!

  • Deniz Koyu
    Deniz Koyu

    Valve distortion plugins that actually sound like the real deal are very rare but this one nails it! Sounds fantastic on clean 808s and drums in general, as well as guitars, pianos or anything that needs more bite and character.

  • David Arnold
    David Arnold

    It's like being able to move the mics around after you've done the recording. A great tool for emphasis, clarity, highlighting and allowing your sounds to be where you need them in a mix.

  • Trevor Case
    Trevor Case

    I’ve used the HG-2 hardware extensively in mastering for nearly two years and I can say that, without question, the plugin version captures what makes the hardware so magical. The additional controls are extremely useful and add a level of functionality and versatility not found in the analog version. This code has soul!!!

  • Richard Chycki
    Richard Chycki

    Black Box Analog Design HG-2 plugin is a remarkable emulation of its hardware brethren multiplied by additional control afforded only in the digital realm. From subtle harmonics, air and width on the mix buss to full-on saturation for thick cutting snares, the HG-2 plugin offers that elusive 'magic' that eq and compressors alone struggle to achieve.

  • Andrew Scheps
    Andrew Scheps

    I’m always looking for ways to create harmonic content and the Black Box HG-2 plugin is a great new tool. Really flexible and works on individual tracks as well as the whole mix. I like it!

  • Mischke

    I used the HG-2 on a record; it blew my mind and the minds of everyone who was there to witness it. It’s the glue that holds the mix together before making it huge. It’s so fat and rich. It reacts like hardware, and not like a plugin.

  • Trehy Harris
    Trehy Harris

    Amazing plugin with unmatched harmonics and overall sonics. A must-use on every mix.

  • Charles Stella
    Charles Stella

    I’ve only spent a short time with the Black Box HG-2 and I’m already in love! What a fantastic sound it has. It really does glue your mix together in a special way, adding character and density that is second to none. The additional air control is truly the icing on the cake. I’m hooked!

  • Greg Wells
    Greg Wells

    The HG-2 is one of the best plugins I've ever heard in my life. Plugin Alliance have a monster on their hands.

  • Soundprank/Colin E. Fisher
    Soundprank/Colin E. Fisher

    This thing now lives on my two buss, and is one of a very few select saturation plugins that gets extreme repeated use in every project. I don't know how they did it, I don't know where they did it (or what they did), but I am extremely thankful they decided to! This thing is crazy.