Customer Reviews

  • i love it for glue on my bus

    by arkemist
    its just the best thing you should add on a vocals bus
  • Love this

    by MS
    Great for tracks that need a little extra mojo. Especially good on synth and electric guitar.
  • best

    by shadow hills
    the best plugins
  • pugin

    by jesse
    plugin top
  • Black Box Analog Design is a great tool

    by Pinthar
    I use this as a preamp for my amp sims. It really helps to define the character and nuances of the high frequencies as well as adding stability to drive my sims. I can achieve that sparkle guitar effect a lot easier using the Black Box. The air setting is great and adds an extra ambience which I can further highlight using a delay plug-in. I love the way the pentode and triode settings add or subtract gain at just the right amount of breakup while the saturation lets me control that breakup intensity before going into my amp. This thing really lets let me dial in that sweet spot for all my amp sims to get the best response from them. As a side note, it's got a great looking interface and I love the blue tubes. How cool. and completely functional.
  • GOOD

    by rash
  • HG-2

    by Yuri TovSt'Gun
    Wonderful tube color sound. I think to experiment in the following compositions with guitars.
  • audio

    by salsadelpolloloko
    is a great saturator
  • best plug-in

    by HG-2
  • Nice

    by Aud10Keb
    Nice effect I use it often on busses. I wish the input and output could be linked. From subtle to extremely intense... sounds a bit computery at intense settings. It would be good if it had some basic EQ and even a sidechain.