Customer Reviews

  • Avaliar

    by HG - 2
    Muito fácil de usar e tem qualidade muito boa na resposta.
  • Saturate

    by Jason D
    Great plugin particularly on drums! Hurry up and make AAX apple silicon native please! its the last plugin holding me back
  • qet

    by patria
  • HG-2

    by dani diez
    It is a great saturation team I love it to work the voices on the recording
  • The ULTIMATE tool

    by Heyes
    It's just that. The ultimate tool for any purpose.
    Granted, you'll have to invest a fair bit of testing before getting all the tricks in and out.
    But from demoing all the way up to mastering (and dare I even add within live setups), this is just a magnificent tool. It will help you craft any kind of shine, bite and pizzaz to your sources.
  • BlackBox

    by Nightshift
    This plugin saved my life
  • Amazing on Drums

    by Mo
    I use it on almost every drum bus
  • Black box is great

    by yuse
    Great, simple, effective. Use the wet/dry knob for best results. I wouldn't want to live without this thing
  • A nice surprise

    by M.B.
    PA gave us a free Focusrite channel strip, but in the end, this tiny guy might be the best freebie out of them all! I like the sound it produces way more than what I can get with the stock saturation tools on FL Studio (Fruity Limiter, Maximus, Fruity WaveShaper to name the most common).
  • Great Plugin

    by sobrinN
    It really bring things to life and add that edge on any material you put it on!