Customer Reviews

  • Kewl kewl kewl

    by odod
    love this plugin, could not leave a project without it !
  • HG2

    by Aephlion
    Can't believe I waited so long to add this to my plugin folder. Great sounding distortion which rounds off transients in a really nice way for beefy drums.
    Good on the master bus as well for bringing everything together
  • Fantastic drive!!!

    by Musician B.
    I love this drive on my instruments!!! Thanks Plugin Alliance!!
  • Perfect saturation

    by Grzegorz Porowiński
    Best saturation plugin I have ever heard!
  • Sounds like money!

    by ResX
    To my ears, this is the best sounding saturation plugin
  • Black Box Analog Design

    by Steady State
    One of my all time favorite plugins. Incredibly good!
  • HG-2

    by TTLangen
    Realistic sounding saturation combined with variable gain staging is a great option to have in your buss. You can drive it and you’re able to push your sound a bit forward without loosing your transients.
    HG-2 can work wonders on your synth or bass stems as well in your final mix. Sometimes I use this before going in to my analog loop and this way it gives you detailed and controlled feeling of your harmonics.
  • Stunninig

    by robin zv
    This is my go to on all of my busses for that added bit of magic.
  • Saturator plug in

    by Luca
    This is the best saturator as vst. It's incredible , I love it.
    You can reach harmonics very easily without damaging the audio.
  • Not hype.

    by Hiponic Audio
    I spent a long time hearing about this plugin before I finally got ahold of it.
    Nobody can prepare you for how much you will use this plugin.
    Nobody can prepare you for how incredible this actually sounds.
    Nobody can prepare you for how bad you will want this plugin after the demo.
    Bottom line, This is essential.