Industry Reviews

  • Toby Pitman
    Toby Pitman

    With most channel strip plugins you get the same channel over and over. bx_console N gives you the whole desk. Definitely brings a cohesiveness to a mix that you only really get from mixing on a console. It's the first time I've heard this done at this level when mixing just in a DAW. Pretty cool! Welcome to the future of plugin modelling!

  • Simon Franglen
    Simon Franglen

    I grew up in an analog world that I thought was long gone inside the computer. Today I found an analog desk in a plugin. bx_console N nails the sound of the Vx. The proof that the new ‘analog’ feel works was when I switched TMT on across 64 tracks; I switched it straight back and I kept it on for the rest of the day. Having tried out the bx_console N, it is remarkable how much a little random tolerance adds to the warmth and width of a mix.

  • Greg Wurth
    Greg Wurth

    Sounds and feels like a console.

  • Matt Lange
    Matt Lange

    Just dropped it across a bunch of channels in a mix session and there was an immediate warmth and separation that wasn't there before. It's killer on kick drums too... I foresee myself using this a lot. Awesome!

  • X:144

    bx_console N has become my go to channel strip in the recent months. It’s literally on every mix I’ve done since. The level of thoughtfulness is apparent from the moment you realize that the compressor section gives you a mix, curve and side pots, to the damn thing sounding great on everything. And I haven’t glorified the channel variations. Must have. Desert Island channel strip.

  • Jason Goldstein
    Jason Goldstein

    The bx_console N is one of the best channel strips on the market today. It has a very "musical" EQ and compression just like the console it was modelled after.

  • Ray Staff
    Ray Staff

    A great plugin. I have found the compressor has a really good VCA character.

  • ill.GATES

    Brainworx bx_console N is life! It gives you access to the big console sound beloved by Neve users at a fraction of the price. It's my channel strip of choice.

  • Craig Bauer
    Craig Bauer

    How do you make one of my favorite and most used plugins absolutely perfect? The addition of THD and channel randomization answers the question. Now being able to dial in an appropriate amount of harmonic distortion, bx_console N has quickly become one of my most used tools in breathing analog life into a mix.

  • Junkie XL
    Junkie XL

    Just a wonderful plugin, I used it on every mix channel.