Customer Reviews

  • Complex but powerful

    by Nick F
    Preferred this to the SSL-Type Console version. I wish it 'fit' better on a laptop-size screen but it's all quality across each stage of fx.
  • Analog ITB

    by Jweyerbacher
    When I started mixing, I didn't fully understand the process of proper EQ and compression. I'd throw a few plugins on each channel and select decent sounding presets and hope for the best. I always wondered why my mixes sounded good but not great. So I started investing in Brainworx products like the Console N. I was initially frustrated by these plugins because many of them did not include any presets so I was lost as to what the heck I was doing. This forced me to learn what EQ and compression was really all about.
    Console N is a game changer for me. Selecting a unique TMT channel and then carefully shaping the sounds without relying on EQ and compression presets has made my mixes sound fuller, brighter and wider. Without a doubt, I'd recommend this plugin for anyone looking to integrate that polished console sound, in the box.
  • Console N

    by RFW
    Very solid tight character... used it on a drum, then guitar sub-mix immediately and was very impressed with the little extra 'tweezy' features. The ABCD presets are a huge feature to compare and can also be used in automation. I have been using regularly since purchase.
  • bx_console N delivers

    by Kholder
    If you are looking for Neve feel and texture, this plugin delivers. I use it in many of my mix sessions, and appreciate the features and sound it brings with it. TMT is surprisingly convincing, and makes a noticeable difference when spread across many tracks or stems - it certainly sets this plugin apart from all the other emulations. Well done, Brainworx!
  • Why didn't I do this earlier

    by bass case
    So I just picked this up on sale with a $50 voucher. Holy Smokes this revolutionized my mix in about 2 minutes. Throwing it on every channel and playing with the presets, my mix sounds "professional"! Crisp, clear, but not brittle, still full in the bottom end. It is giving me that radio sound I have been hunting for through thousands of dollars of plugins over the years. Totally worth it on this one! Way to go Plugin Alliance
  • Bx Console N

    by Hypestudio
    As we are a big fan of analogue consoles ( we own an SSL Duality 72 CH currently) , we decided to buy the bx Console N , bx Console E and Bx console G for our second studio. They sound really good and everything works nice. And we can get a recall very fast, what takes longer with the Duality. We own a lot of plu in Alliance plug ins and they do all what they promise...Besides that , its a very customer friendly company! Keep up the good work , guys
  • Unbelievable

    by Bunzing
    In one word: astounding. I have to admit I've never touched a real console in my life (as a limited space home recording solo artist), so I wasn't sure what to expect. I did know what I was looking for though: a lusher and thicker sound, and something which was hard to describe...a certain realness, some sort of sonic glue, maybe even dirt. The price (by the way perfectly understandable, it seems a lot of work to make) was always a bit too high for me, but the Black Friday deal made it possible to get it. I quickly migrated an existing project I was struggling with to an all Console N project. I found it very easy to dial in the right settings with the eq, pick the right filters, and although I'm still trying to figure out the gate and compression (a demo for vocals would be very nice), it already sounded much better than I could have ever imagined. I quickly started driving the channels and use the THD dial, which made a huge difference. Then I hit 'random' a couple of times, and was surprised of the difference it made. In the end, I finally got that sound I was looking for, that realness, that togetherness. Just lovely. Even my wife noticed it.
  • BX_Console N

    by Glenn
    Just finished my first mix with the console N. Damn, I love it. This maybe sound strange but the fact that you have your main tools in 1 plugin is just great. You have this tools in your DAW but having it all in 1 plugin make you start using it in a more effective way and just way faster.
    But probably the greatest is the separation the TMT give your mix. Very exited to start using and testing the SSL consoles. Without a doubt wil sound just as great! Thanks Plugin Alliance!
  • Saved My Mixes!!!

    by Mchangani
    I downloaded the demo and in Just 25 minutes I had to buy it!! This is really clean punchy and warm. no artifacts just pure clarity and precise with every knob adjustment. TMT feature, Pull and second release, the filters r great, eq is not muddy and I love the THD feature too! My mixes have improved overnight and so easy to use. This is a game Changer and thanks for the cyber monday sale it saved me a few dollars/Rands! I prefer this to the ssl anyday! get the demo and check it for urself! hahahaha ! no regrets this side I looove it!! Oh and it is easy on the cpu!!
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thanks for the glowing review!
  • Console N

    by J.G. Mansardian
    I admit: I was sceptical. I thought, well...just another channelstrip. So I resisted the temptation for a long time. But I just couldn't ignore it forever. I mixed on a Neve VR Legend (somehow like the mother of the VX and those buttons on the VX remained the same so I liked the GUI right from the spot. They even made me laugh when I saw those little toothpicks to keep some of the buttons pushed in because that is kind of an insider joke. I knew that from the VR, some of those buttons simply wouldn't latch anymore. Then I saw the console N on sale for the first time and I just had to get it!
    Man, this thing sounds amazing! I don't know how you made it but it really is the first plugin that made me feel mixing on a real Neve again. There is something in its sound that can hardly be described with words. You have to hear it yourself! This plugin is a revolution in the world of hardware modeling.