Industry Reviews

  • Michael Hartung
    Michael Hartung

    We have produced all of Marit’s songs in our studio, and I love bx_digital and bx_control, they are smart and well thought out. And they sound great. We have been helping to improve the ICON mapping in co-operation with Brainworx and the new V2s work really well with our touch sensitive faders and controllers. Go Brainworx!

  • Nadim Issa
    Nadim Issa

    This thing is truly a swiss army knife. The brainworx is fantastic for doing surgical cuts on tracks, such as vocals or guitars. I find myself isolating unwanted frequencies and resonances quickly thanks to its Auto Solo listen feature. I also always have one on my master buss, where little eq moves and presence shifts go such a long way. The mid-side processing functionality is perfect for busses (drums, guitars, etc). I love that I can easily link or unlink the mid and sides on EVERY frequency band! Oh yeah, and the de-esser is quite possibly the best I've used. No joke.

  • Siegfried Meier
    Siegfried Meier

    This is our #1 eq for finalizing masters at Beach Road Mastering. The M-S controls are incredible and allow us to really dig into the finer details of a master. The tone of the EQ is super sweet, with unparalleled control over every frequency band.  The bass and presence shifters give us that Pultec-ish trick sound that is almost always called for, and the De-Esser section is ridiculously useful on masters that have a vocal with a bit too much top end, yet still need the upper frequencies for the rest of the instruments. Kissing the stereo width section just gives a very subtle widening effect without ever doing damage to the image, and the metering is as high end as we have to expect from BX. If we only had 1 EQ in the world, this would be the one to have!!

  • Mikael “Count” Eldridge
    Mikael “Count” Eldridge

    Finally a plug-in for mastering that really does do it all, but actually sounds great. It even has a mid/side de-esser!

  • Snake Newton
    Snake Newton

    I also use bx_digital V2 a lot and find the band solo function is a fantastic innovation when seaking out a troublesome center frequency.

  • Khaliq Glover “Khaliq-O-Vision”
    Khaliq Glover “Khaliq-O-Vision”

    This is one of the most powerful EQ instruments ever made - period! (and yes, I did call it instrument).

  • Ilpo Karkkainen
    Ilpo Karkkainen

    Great for going really deep in M/S and carving the frequency balance and stereo image to your liking. The interface is really well thought out. I know it's primarily a mastering tool but I use it within the mix as well.

  • JC Concato
    JC Concato

    Like all other Brainworx plug-ins, this plug-in has lots of really useful features, a very nice interface and a great sound. My definitive mastering plug in.

  • Dylan “3-D” Dresdow
    Dylan “3-D” Dresdow

    That V2 is exhaustive the 1st time you use it. Like someone hands you a road map where you can go any direction. Good stuff.

  • Tom Soares
    Tom Soares

    I'm mixing Erykah Badu's album right now and had a song mixed by someone else the was a mess. I used the V2 plug to readjust the mix so it would work. In the increading world of professional mixers becoming "fixers" instead, this is an essential mixing tool.

  • Robert L. Smith
    Robert L. Smith

    I just wanted you to know I have bought most of your plug-ins in the last few months. Your gear is truly amazing! Can't mix and master without them. Thanks so much for making these excellent tools. I am in the midst of some high-profile projects and am more than happy to spread the word.

  • Dave Reitzas
    Dave Reitzas

    I just wanted to tell you that I was blown away with the Brainworx plugins! I can't remember the last time I got a smile from ear to ear when I started tweaking the parameters of a plugin. I think your design is extremely well done and it shows a visionary type of attitude that I appreciate.

  • Ken Lewis
    Ken Lewis

    I've used Brainworx bx_digital on virtually every mix I've done in the last two years. Not only does it have incredibly useful features that no other EQ plug-in has, this thing is possibly the smoothest EQ plugin I've ever heard (and I have about 20 different EQ plug-ins).

  • Soundprank/Colin E. Fisher
    Soundprank/Colin E. Fisher

    This is my go-to surgical EQ for imaging. It's one of very few digital EQs that I feel comfortable to do dramatic boosts on because of how smooth the top-end sounds and the lack of aliasing and phasing in all bands. I use it on every session and it's one of those plugins where you had no idea what you were missing out on before you had it, but now that you do have it you can't live without it.

  • Jody Wisternoff
    Jody Wisternoff

    Brainworx bx_digital V3 has the potential to become a bit of a game-changer for me. Really up for mastering/utilizing the whole M/S concept and this EQ seems to be the one . Some incredible features , brilliant for surgical work as well as broad stroke mastering duties.

  • Thomas Gold
    Thomas Gold

    I’m a fan of bx_digital V3. I use it on almost all my tracks for adding sheen and bass punch. Loving the new design and the improved visibility. Great to have a stripped down ‘mix’ version! Throw it on a track and step through the presets, instant gratification! I like the expanded frequency range of the main filters - great for shaping the high end of a mix. Also really digging the new gain scale parameter!

  • Stonebridge

    Insane control of image and frequencies, a sound can be worked into a mix in a way few other EQs can. Perfect for stabby plucks and other rhythmic riffs just to mention one use. The new features like the dynamic EQ take this killer plug to the next level.

  • Richard Devine
    Richard Devine

    Excellent frequency shaping tool. I just love the new Dynamic EQ mode and six notch filters allow me to go in with surgical precision now on any mix. Incredibly well laid out and pristine sound, doesn't get much better than this.

  • X:144

    Not only is this one of the best mastering EQ’s out there, but it’s one of my favorite mixing tools, period. It combines so many of my favorite features from other BX plugins. Monomaker, Dynamic EQ, Proportional Q, Surgery on the mid-side, control hard frequencies, manage width, the list goes on. The swiss army knife of EQ’s. 

  • Jason Goldstein
    Jason Goldstein

    The bx_digital V2 has been go-to mix buss EQ for the last 3 years. It allows me to sculpt the sound of my mixes in so many ways that there isn't enough room to list them all here. I don't think I could mix without it.

  • Ray Staff
    Ray Staff

    Surely the Swiss Army Knife of all digital equalizers. Great functionality and a great sound.

  • James Wiltshire
    James Wiltshire

    It’s very hard to improve on perfection but this does. Great upgrade route to one of the world's most loved plugins.

  • Adam Collins
    Adam Collins

    It really is the world's best EQ plugin. The Mono Maker, Dynamic EQ and Presence Shift are my favorite parts of this tool. Perfect for the final mix and for when you only have a stereo file to work with.

  • Steve Mac
    Steve Mac

    bx_digital V3 is constantly on my master buss. I have been using bx_digital for years, but version 3 just took it to the next level.

  • IRKO

    When I discovered the bx_digital, I was in awe. One eq that has great stereo widening and a low end mono maker and mid/side capabilities!? What?! Amazing. I have used it on every mix ever since then. NOW! Version 3 extends the frequency range! Nice! Hello 40kHz! I use this thing on everything, including busses. Again a must have.

  • Lee Slater
    Lee Slater

    This is brain surgery-level EQ. So precise, so surgical, so musical! I can't mix without it and never will!