Industry Reviews

  • Adam Collins
    Adam Collins

    With the bx_panEQ I’m really impressed with the way you can focus on frequencies in the stereo field. I think that’s really important for my older sessions when I go back to them to master and add some life to them. Being able to use this in a creative way and throw sounds around with automation is really exciting.

  • Dave Audé
    Dave Audé

    I’m pretty sure nobody has made anything like this before, which is pretty crazy considering everything’s pretty much been done. It’s gonna kill the market. I was blown away. It’s one more thing to put in my Aux Buss chain.

  • Richard Chycki
    Richard Chycki

    I just finished mastering a track where the artist had used a loop as the main rhythm component. The loop was light in the hi-hat, but using the bx_panEQ I was able to focus on the hi-hat that was panned mid-right without the mix sounding off balance. Quite amazing! Thanks for the innovation!

  • Mischke

    The bx_panEQ is something that’s crazy. I’ve never seen an EQ like this ever in my life, and the fact that I can automate where in the pan my EQ is changing is absolutely revolutionary. It’s something I will use all the time.

  • Trehy Harris
    Trehy Harris

    A surgical tool with great precision to EQ one side of the stereo image without affecting the other. Can't work without it.

  • X:144

    We live in great times…times where developers are pulling from the same pool of thought as us artists. All of the ideas from years ago are finally starting to catch up. I’ve dreamt of a altering a mono signal in the stereo field for a very long time…and now it’s here. bx_panEQ is something that I think the audio world should be losing their mind over. Whether it’s adding dimensionality to a bass, keeping all heft in the center then pulling the bite and rub out in the stereo, or finally being able to modulate specific part of an instrument’s spectrum across the stereo field…bx_panEQ is probably my favorite utility plugin to date. I just need MORE bands!!