Industry Reviews

  • bx_refinement

    Joe LaPorta

    Grammy Nominated Senior Mastering Engineer (Foo Fighters, Imagine Dragons, Vampire Weekend)

    Since a majority of my chain consists of analog gear, I'm very selective when it comes to which plugins I use. bx_refinement has definitely been a great addition to my arsenal.

  • bx_refinement

    Siegfried Meier

    Songwriter/Producer/Engineer/Mixer/Mastering Engineer

    This plugin is the coolest and strangest tool we've come across. It works wonders on harsh overhead and guitar tracks that we've had come in for mixing. In a mastering setting, it really helps clear up the harsh frequencies in a way that no other tool can. Finding new ways to put this thing to use every day!

  • bx_refinement

    Glenn Schick

    Mastering Engineer (Future, J. Cole, Missy Elliot)

    I've been an analog based mastering engineer for the past 20 years. When people used to ask what plugins I used, I would always respond with "Plugins? I don't use no stinking plugins." And then Brainworx came into my life. The bx_refinement tool is not for people looking for wow factor on a mastering buss. But it did wow me. Its subtle way of de-harshing, smoothing, and making things smooth and cohesive deserves a "wow." It brings the round and warm back into a master that is different than traditional EQ and compression. The bx_refinement is a great tool for for today's over-processed and harsh tracks. Bravo, Brainworx.


  • bx_refinement

    Chris Dennis

    Mixing Engineer (Roddy Ricch, Pop Smoke, DaBaby)

    I love using the BX Refinement plugin near the end of my Pro Tools vocal buss to tame harshness and add presence with the saturation knob.