Industry Reviews

  • bx_XL V2

    Richard Devine

    Sound Designer/Artist (Hollywood Edge, Sound Delux, Sony Creative Software)

    So far this is my favorite mastering limiter I have used. I am completely surprised how much volume I am able to get without crushing the dynamics out of my mixes. The M/S technology allows you to limit control 3 individual channels so there is no loss on clarity. I have been using this on my master bus every day since I installed it, highly recommended!

  • bx_XL V2


    Producer, Mix & Mastering Engineer (Ms. Lauryn Hill, Qusai, EA Sports: Madden NFL)

    This is what brought it all together for me. It’s why I’m here at Plugin Alliance. This very plugin started it all. No more limiting the full bandwidth… I now can control the two bands over the mid and one over the sides. Plus all of these cool little utilities form monomaker to XL… This is a maximizer and limiter in one. Don’t sleep.