Industry Reviews

  • dearVR PRO

    Simon Franglen

    Composer & Producer (Avatar, Titanic, Michael Jackson)

    I can count on one hand the number of VR and Ambisonic plugins that I actually want to use, and that list got smaller because dearVR just replaced three of them. It’s completely brilliant, utterly intuitive, excellent.

  • dearVR PRO

    Trehy Harris

    Mixing Engineer (Michael Jackson, Mary J. Blige, Lupe Fiasco)

    dearVR is a great plugin that allows you to use 3D spatial processing for vocals or instruments. With automatable parameters, the creative effects are endless.

  • dearVR PRO

    Lee Slater

    Producer/Mixer/Engineer (Emeli Sande, Roots Manuva, Lana del Rey)

    Gorgeous reverbs! Lexicon move over, more realistic spaces, detailed reverb tails and completely tweakable!

  • dearVR PRO

    Michael Zimmerling

    (Bloc Party, Simply Red, Will Young)

    I never came across a “simple as that” surround plugin. dearVR creates stunning 3D surround sound spaces and I love it! With it’s onboard “Virtual Acoustics” spaces, It has a fairly new approach for music production and I’ve heard some amazing examples for Audio book productions and ambient music. Some excellently tuned rooms for Drums, Vocals and other instruments create a new dimension for any type of Audio production. dearVR is a winner.

  • dearVR PRO

    Martin Rieger

    360° Mixing Engineer

    dearVR PRO is my secret weapon to achieve externalization for binaural audio. Its unique approach to combining spatialization and reverberation in one tool makes an amazing plugin for working with 3D audio for headphones and multichannel loudspeakers. Even better, with dearVR spatial connect, dearVR PRO enables a revolutionary workflow for my field of interest which is mixing in VR (virtual reality) for 360° videos.

  • dearVR PRO


    Multi-Platinum Producer & Composer

    dearVR PRO allows us to place sounds, music and voices within a 3 dimensional space. It’s been essential to our creative process.