Industry Reviews

  • Ethan Mates
    Ethan Mates

    This plug RULES on drums. Period. So much fun.

  • James Wiltshire
    James Wiltshire

    Stops 'lazy comp’ settings dead in their tracks and makes you sit up and take notice again. An incredibly inspiring compresser with all the nuances you’d expect from this pairing.

  • Tony Vincent
    Tony Vincent

    Blown away by how this compressor can compress. (And I’m a compressor addict!) I can have this compressor act beautifully with a vocal track or absolutely smash — and color — a drum buss.

  • Benjamin Rice
    Benjamin Rice

    It's very important to me when working on vocals to have several different options, styles and flavors of compression to achieve various techniques, and the mpressor is truly a special tool that I can use to get compression results distinct from any other.

  • Adam Collins
    Adam Collins

    Super clean compression in a simple to read and compact plugin. I really like the audio filters for frequency focus. Easy to drop this on every drum channel for individual attention. Both tames and fattens 808 kicks.

  • Steve Mac
    Steve Mac

    Seriously good compressor on the master channel. I use this for sorting out my mid/sides. It really controls my sides and keeps all the reverbs in place. Amazing plugin!

  • Kenny Moran
    Kenny Moran

    Surgical eq and compression! With all of the things I use this compressor for its hard to imagine that it is just a compressor. From taming transients to rounding tone, the mpressor accentuates portions of -- or all of -- the frequency spectrum. This compressor gets used on everything from individual drums to pianos to vocals.

  • David Arnold
    David Arnold

    The elysia units I've been using on individual tracks as well as across sub mixes and final stereo outs. All of these elysia units make up an incredibly powerful set of tools and have really helped define and model tracks so they find a place in the mix without losing their heart and presence.

  • Lee Slater
    Lee Slater

    This compressor is no pussy cat. Add movement, pumping, punch or pure destruction to your drums quickly and tastefully. I often use it on my lead vocal to bring it close, personal and intimate. A truly flexible personality-ridden box of awesome. You can really push it to extremes without any negative artifacts.

  • Josh Newell
    Josh Newell

    The flexibility and degree of control the mpressor gives you over its dynamics processing is really impressive. I love it as a parallel compressor on my drum buss. It's easy to dial in extra transient attack or to just smash the kit, depending on what the track calls for.