Industry Reviews

  • Savage 120

    Johan Lund

    As We Collapse, Man.Machine.Industry, Soundfraction Studios

    The ENGL Savage is a swiss army knife of amps! From pristine cleans to brutal chugs and everything in between. Top it off with 100 recording chains. There's no end to the tone possibilities!

  • Savage 120

    Chris Broderick

    In Flames, Megadeth, Jag Panzer

    The ENGL Savage 120 was the very first amp I really loved the tone of. I was on tour in 2000 with Jag Panzer, back before I was into modelers and this is the amp that led me to ENGL as an endorsee. Now that Brainworx has come out with a VST version, you know I was all over it. First off, like all Brainworx amp sims, this version of the Savage 120 sounds as aggressive, brutal, and balanced as the original with the same classic look. This is now my favorite amp tone. With all of the other features you get with Brainworx sims like noise gate, cabinet loader with audition feature, filters, reverbs, and delays, you have one of the best sounding versatile amp sims available in a simple package.

  • Savage 120

    Jen Majura


    ENGL offers the perfect rock sound for my personal demands.

  • Savage 120

    Josh Newell

    Producer, Engineer, Mixer (Linkin Park, Anthrax, Avril Lavigne)

    The ENGL plugin is a fantastic go-to if you’re looking to get full and thick heavy guitar sounds.

  • Savage 120

    Evan K

    Enemy Inside, Mystic Prophecy

    The ENGL Savage has always been one of my favorite amplifiers. Brainworx did an amazing job not only by simulating the power and preamp sections but also by adding very usable cabinet and microphone simulations. Most of the plugins out there lack of them. So glad I can use this amp in the box without any doubts now that the real Savage heads have been discontinued.