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Get the powerful tones and satisfying dynamics of the legendary Savage 120 studio amp head from ENGL, in your DAW.

The Savage 120 Amplifier embodies ENGL’s rich legacy of creating metal machines for delivering truly punishing tones, with clear dynamics and tremendous sonic variety.

It’s a long time studio favorite of artists like Exodus’ Gary Holt, Borgir, Evanescence, and even Brainworx’ own Dirk Ulrich, who has called it “one of the easiest amps to record with” and “THE recording amp for the hard-rocking musician.”

The Savage 120 set new standards in modern Rock music with its unique sound. With its remarkably fast attack and quick responsiveness to the player’s dynamic choices, the secret to the Savage’s success is in its midrange, which cuts through a mix without ever sounding harsh.

Although the ENGL Savage 120 was used in many famous Rock productions, make no mistake: this amp can deliver a HUGE variety of tones, ranging from crisp and clean, to crunchy, to heavy f***ing Metal.

This incredible tonal flexibility comes from the 4 channel layout of the amp, with a dedicated Clean channel, two separate Crunch channels, and a super-saturated Lead channel, all supported by two discrete EQs and a wide selection of additional features.

With punchy headroom and dynamics for days, this flexible 4-channel head is an ideal choice for the heart of a modern rock rig. And now, it’s available natively in your DAW. Developed by Brainworx, the ENGL Savage 120 Amplifier plugin is an exacting emulation of this beastly, standard-bearing tone monster.

Brainworx engineers recreated every feature and unique property of this amp with component-level modeling and then added their flagship FX Rack which provides extremely useful onboard effects like a noise gate, lo-fi delay, filtering, and internal power soak.

Probably the most notable feature on the FX rack is the ability to select recording chains—a standard feature on all Brainworx amps powered by more than 100 impulse responses captured with an array of boutique cabinets, microphones, and effects.


  • 4 Channels: Clean, Crunch 1, Crunch 2 and Lead, assigned to two main channels
  • 2 separate 3-Band EQ for sculpting tones
  • 4 dedicated Gain pots with a separate volume control for each channel
  • Rough/Smooth mode selector for the Crunch 2 and Lead Channels
  • Sensitivity switch, Bright switch, Lead Boost, Contour switch, and Hi Balance control
  • FX Rack includes host-syncable lo-fi delay, noise gate, tight and smooth filters, power soak, pre and power amp bypass
  • 105 high-end Recording Chains to choose from
  • Scalable User Interface
  • Recording Chain ON / OFF Parameter
  • Recording Chain detailed Info

Audio Examples

Industry Reviews

  • Johan Lund

    Johan Lund

    As We Collapse, Man.Machine.Industry, Soundfraction Studios

    The ENGL Savage is a swiss army knife of amps! From pristine cleans to brutal chugs and everything in between. Top it off with 100 recording chains. There's no end to the tone possibilities!

  • Chris Broderick

    Chris Broderick

    In Flames, Megadeth, Jag Panzer

    The ENGL Savage 120 was the very first amp I really loved the tone of. I was on tour in 2000 with Jag Panzer, back before I was into modelers and this is the amp that led me to ENGL as an… Read More

  • Jen Majura

    Jen Majura


    ENGL offers the perfect rock sound for my personal demands.

  • Josh Newell

    Josh Newell

    Producer, Engineer, Mixer (Linkin Park, Anthrax, Avril Lavigne)

    The ENGL plugin is a fantastic go-to if you’re looking to get full and thick heavy guitar sounds.

  • Evan K

    Evan K

    Enemy Inside, Mystic Prophecy

    The ENGL Savage has always been one of my favorite amplifiers. Brainworx did an amazing job not only by simulating the power and preamp sections but also by adding very usable cabinet and… Read More

Customer Reviews

  • Good rock and roll tones

    by B. van kaa
    This amp is a hell of lot better then the older Engl amps sims, which where not as good. but the Savage is good amp sim. Although it's not my preferred tone, or amp interface. The quality is… Read More
  • Top !

    by Bruno Zucchetti
    Top as every product of PluginAlliance !
    I use it by HDX Dsp and I've subscrived for Mega Bundle Yearly ,as a Top Recording Studio in a pocket ...
    i will buy everything waiting the right… Read More
  • Savage 120

    by William L
    This is incredible.
    By far the best Guitar amp plugging used to date.
  • So this is the secret amp?

    by ITS
    Ah okay so this is one of the best modern high gain amps out there. Why didn’t you give us this sooner!
    Solid and tight, sharp and full of raw power. Very forward sounding. Low end is so… Read More
  • Great amp

    by VIP sound technology institute of Dartmouth
    Sounds good maybe the best sounding amp Vst I have ever heard.. the power soak sounds great! I’d like to see more distortion pedals and information on how to use them in conjunction with these… Read More


Supported Plugin Formats
AAX DSP, AAX Native, AU, AAX AudioSuite, VST2, VST3

Supported Operating Systems
macOS 10.9 through 11
Windows 7 through 10

Intel CPU only (minimum 2 GHz recommended)

x64-compatible CPU

System Requirements
Display resolution: 1440 × 900px or 1280 × 960px or higher
Memory: 2 GB RAM


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Savage 120

ENGL Savage 120 Changelog

Version 1.1 (Mar 22, 2021)
- General: Compatibility with Logic on Apple Silicon devices via the Rosetta-2 layer
- General: Fixed possible artefacts when freezing or bouncing tracks in Pro Tools
- General: Fixed automation highlighting disappearing in Studio One
- General: Improved license dialog visibility in dark mode

Version 1.0 (Aug 11, 2020)
- Release version