Industry Reviews

  • DJ Swivel
    DJ Swivel

    This is spacial imaging on steroids. Use it subtly on an overall mix or more aggressively to bring the life out of an otherwise boring sound. And bonus: fiedler audio stage comes equipped with probably the best flanger presets I’ve ever used.

  • Michael Zimmerling
    Michael Zimmerling

    fiedler audio’s stage adds spatial processing to masters and lets you enrich individual sounds while mixing, and I’m absolutely loving it!!! Create warm sounding spaces or get some sick wobbles or flanges. stage is here to stay and is in my daily mix and mastering chain.

  • Richard Chycki
    Richard Chycki

    With a unique tool like the fiedler stage, reshaping any source's stereo field - from a single mono track to a stereo stem to a full mix - is possible.

  • Charles Stella
    Charles Stella

    What a cool new plugin! I love bx_rooMS, so I was eager to see what Plugin Alliance and Fiedler came up with next. fiedler audio stage has many uses from subtle mastering spatial expansion to extreme flanging and doubling madness! The graphics are awesome and really helped me to visualize what was going on. I look forward to experimenting more with this great new tool in my mixing and mastering. It’s deep!

  • Stonebridge

    I absolutely love this fire -- not only for brilliant additional touches to mastering (sounding like $$$ if done right), but also for creating magic atmospheric stuff in production layers. So good!!