Customer Reviews

  • So cool

    by TonVE
    Radiohead has a song which has the lyrics " Everything in its right place" you know the song.
    This plugin does that exactly, if your mix is right, it all falls into its right place with this monster! Its very subtly, (use subtle) yet the separation and balance, and perceived room and air is simply amazing in so, that I hit stop, and play, again to hear if i was dreaming. Nope, its this tool that gives you the distance between the instruments and vocals like you re in the same room, in a way I considered to be impossible without some serious cash! Thank you PA team!!! You got such wonderful tools to be really creative and sound pro! I m very grateful 4 that!
  • Sound OK, GUI has resource demanding animation

    by Don Bastiano
    Sound-wise it delivers. however the graphics are way more resource demanding than - say - with Metric AB, with no added value from those graphics, at least to me. Should allow for deactivating the animation (or is that already possible somehow?)
  • fiedler audio stage

    by wayfrmaine
    First I’d like to say I’m always happy with Plugin Alliance plugins. I’ve had a little time to play around with fiedler audio stage and it has great separation and unique ways to combine them. It is not quite like any other plugin and seems to have more control than others I’ve used.
    I would like to see this developed further. I had a chance to see the original Spacializer, or one of them back in the late 90’s.
    This unit is connected to a mixing board and has to be specially soldered.
    Spacial effects mostly seem to only emphasize on left to right placement where the Spacializer unit was able to place things forward and backwards, in front and in back of each other, above and below as well. I’m not talking about reverb or compression where too much or too little with really effect the audio signal.
    ( for example ) you could have the drums in the back, guitar to the right bass to left and in that position move them forward or back and still bring vocals in front of that.
    Most mixes just have a great full mix altogether but you don't hear depth other than right to left and center.
    I hope they may put more emphasis on this, instead of just side to side, but I’m not complaining I'm very happy overall.
    I found out about this unit from a record I heard back in the late 90’s. It was used on that and the best example they have is this:
    No offense to the composer ( I’m not a fan of this music ) but the Spacializer does wonders. Some may hear it better through headphones, but I’m sure that “ The Mixing With Mike “ dude would understand as he seems to notice very small details very well.
    I am not putting this plugin down in any way, shaper or manner, just a suggestion of an improvement, I’d like to see in the future.
    I’m not sure if everyone here only does electronic music, but it seems every review only is shown in an electronic example. I play guitar, bass, drums. piano, sax and more ( not great by any means ) but enough to get me by. I'd like to see more video reviews with real instruments as well. I think that would be great.
    I also find The " Dynamic Spectrum Mapper " a tool i can’t do without !!!
    Thank you…
  • very nice tool

    by Niels Dettenbach
    a very nice tool for mastering and sound design purposes, from the "less is more" fraction...
    This helps bringing life to many "aseptic" sources.
    Unfortunately i had a "bug" in saving the mix amount, which snapped to next higher or lower amount (due to the subtle character the parameter steps are bit to large for me - at least in S1).
  • define your space

    by ITS
    This thing can define space more than anything I know. Distance. intimacy, clarity, stereo spread. Not very impressed with bx_rooms but this thing can do something reverb plugings can never do. Another secret weapon from PA. Wanted to keep it secret but could not help.
  • Missing link

    by Sonas
    I've spent years buying the best mics, pres, convertors but my mixes lacked a spacial glue that the pro mixes have....... this is it. Loving it. Would like to see more mastering presets though.
  • this!

    by 1stTimeCollar
    Wow. First opinion is 'every single preset sounds awesome on everything'. Sound is high quality, cool, tasteful, creative & almost sort've "effortless" (if that makes sense). Made a single sample sound like a synth preset, or 20.
  • Overpriced

    by zmpfl
    For 30 bucks it is a nice toy, for 200 WAY overpriced. Biggest letdown: no synchronise-option.
  • Great tool for creating spaces

    by CharlieE
    For sound design work or helping fix the sound-stage in a music mix, the Fiedler Audio Stage plugin is a great tool...
    When I am sound-designing environments, I sometimes run different room tones and synthesized elements through Stage and then play with the spread, size, modulation and phasing of those sounds.
    The results are always great and different than I expect. The ability to mix in the Dry signal as well as M/S makes this a swiss army knife for my sound design work.
    I have also used this in music production where I just want to give a part a different position in the sound field. Making a synth track feel like it's coming from behind the listener is not only fun but can really help a mix. I love the Stage!
  • Stage

    Excellent plugin. This thing gives me the spacial augmentation that I've always wanted for my mixes. It definitely helps with a tool like this one, which makes it easy to widen your sound. Great plugin...keep 'em coming...