Customer Reviews

  • Missing link

    by Sonas
    I've spent years buying the best mics, pres, convertors but my mixes lacked a spacial glue that the pro mixes have....... this is it. Loving it. Would like to see more mastering presets though.
  • this!

    by 1stTimeCollar
    Wow. First opinion is 'every single preset sounds awesome on everything'. Sound is high quality, cool, tasteful, creative & almost sort've "effortless" (if that makes sense). Made a single sample sound like a synth preset, or 20.
  • Overpriced

    by zmpfl
    For 30 bucks it is a nice toy, for 200 WAY overpriced. Biggest letdown: no synchronise-option.
  • Great tool for creating spaces

    by CharlieE
    For sound design work or helping fix the sound-stage in a music mix, the Fiedler Audio Stage plugin is a great tool...
    When I am sound-designing environments, I sometimes run different room tones and synthesized elements through Stage and then play with the spread, size, modulation and phasing of those sounds.
    The results are always great and different than I expect. The ability to mix in the Dry signal as well as M/S makes this a swiss army knife for my sound design work.
    I have also used this in music production where I just want to give a part a different position in the sound field. Making a synth track feel like it's coming from behind the listener is not only fun but can really help a mix. I love the Stage!
  • Stage

    by DJ Live
    Excellent plugin. This thing gives me the spacial augmentation that I've always wanted for my mixes. It definitely helps with a tool like this one, which makes it easy to widen your sound. Great plugin...keep 'em coming...
  • Mastering has a new master

    by Joe Solo
    Ever since PA sent me Stage designed by Fielder Audio, I have used it on every record I’ve produced, mixed or mastered. In a word, Stage make mixes and masters ENORMOUS. And in a unique sounding way. So I am further able to craft each artist’s signature sound to stand apart from crowd.
    Stage also shines on individual mono, stereo, and m/s tracks.
    The $179 price make this plug-in a serious value - The time you’ll save using the expertly dialed in pre-sets that come installed in Stage pays for itself within hous.
    The art of phattening your music just got a unique new, huge sounding tool - Get
    it now and you can thank me later ;)
  • (-

    by Ethan M
    this thing is a game changer especially for electronic musicians must have
  • Fiedler audio stage

    by Bishop
    All I'm going to say is ...use this right and it will be your secret weapon during mixing
  • Spatial placement unlike anything else

    by midmodman
    I didn't think I needed this. I have several different "room" reverbs and spatial M/S plus for mixing or stereo-izing. But when I demo'd it, I found that it was far more detailed than my "room" simulations, carried a more pleasing tone - thus placing tracks in a mix more flexibly, and didn't seem to choke my CPU. Comparing it to the other VR 360 sim offerings, I found this to be more musical, and less "game design" gimmickery. I like the UI better also. Ability to drag speaker placement in a field and have it respond as expected made tweeking much more fun. I've used it for guitar and vocal tracks so far, and have been very pleased with the outcome.
    I got it on steep discount thanks to sale prices and coupon reductions. So very happy about that. All in all, one of my favorite new audio tricks. Thanks!
  • plug-in review

    by bx console N,Maag EQ4, Stage etc..
    Hallo from Greece - Athens
    after using your stuff since 4 years I think I can tell my opinion for most of your plug-ins I own.
    99% of them is awesome and very respectful !! Since my education background comes from the classic world (Opera,Symphonic music and cinema my compositions are using most of the time the classic start point, the symphonic orchestra. Consequently, the plug-ins I 'm searching usually, are at first those are helping me to reach warmness in acoustic environment and full analog sound through hardware summer and all the s/w "candys" that are claiming they give in sound.
    I 'm using vast sound-libraries such as Vienna with Vienna MIR, Sam Orchestra (Symphobia) EastWest and and and... When I first put the old version of bx console N I got a big surprise with the fullness of the sound I heard. In any channel (TOD does magnificent job and you understand it especially in the mix down process) in any kind of ac.instr. the sound is real, nothing cheap, dull or overdosed in highs, with one word the sound that came out of that plug-in is FULL. I use it almost everywhere, mostly in the symphonic or acoustic jobs. In pop-kind works I 'm using also the bx console E due to different sound of EQ and the most dance, pop orientation.
    My other big daily use love is the Maag EQ4. It does amazing job in voices, not to mention the great touch that gives in any acoustic instr. To be honest I have one quite long hardware wish-list for my project studio. Two Maag Eq are sitting near in the first steps... But speaking for the s/w version what it does is amazing thinking the ratio cost/result.
    All of the digital incarnations of the Lindell products are giving also so analog and reach sound and accurate in the same time. Congratulations in all teams of production for each plug-in.
    For the amazing job you can do with the Subsynth (those unbelievable subs), the silky compression I get from the Millenia TCL-2. In Millenia TCL-2 I 'd like a better connection between the potentiometers movements and the values are written. I don't see any of them and I always 'm trying to guess...
    No need to say about the great job you are doing in M/S procedure, the first and main reason to buy the first of your stuff.
    The reason I bought and the Stage is to try it (among others) with sets in chamber ensembles mostly with group-instruments such as Vlns, Vlas, Brasses. But as I saw and heard, it does also great job in more experimental procedure as tool of sound sculpturing... When I finish something new using the stage I will send-it to give me some view.
    I 'm sending two pieces of my last job from music I composed for a book to get an idea of my work
    In case you want to hear some jobs I did in the past you can find excerpts in
    Thanks for your collaboration and improvement of your stuff!!!
    Christos Giannoulis